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Farmhouse designs are on the up rise, thanks to home fixer upper TV shows and magazines. With the right planning, a modern Farmhouse style can be easily accomplished and create that “home sweet home” atmosphere you are looking for without breaking the bank. With any home renovation, a solid game plan before starting will help you piece everything together without going over your budget. We recommend you start with one room at a time, with the kitchen or a bathroom being the easiest starting place. Stainless steel kitchen appliances can be incorporated to achieve your Farmhouse Style Design, so you can remodel for a reasonable cost by following some simple tips. The first step to achieving the modern farmhouse look is to truly understand farmhouse style elements.

What exactly is Modern Farmhouse style?

Farmhouse style is barn inspired yet classy, elegant yet simple. It’s all about comfort. The key to farmhouse style is to create an environment that invites you in and encourages you to stay a while. A nature inspired; vintage look that can make anyone feel right at home. Farmhouse styles create the rustic homey feeling that you are guaranteed to get in Hallmark holiday movies! Put your focus on the four categories below when doing your farmhouse remodeling planning and watch your vision come to life.

  1. Color Scheme

Picking a color scheme when remodeling is often the hardest decision! Colors literally create the dynamic of the entire room. Luckily, farmhouse designs make it easy! Your modern farmhouse colors are white, shades of gray, & neutrals. If you are a loud color person, you can incorporate black or navy as contrasting colors, but try to stick with neutrals as much as possible to get the full farmhouse feel. Last, but certainly not least, incorporate wood! Wood creates the rustic, vintage look that defines Farmhouse design. The more scratches and nicks the better!

  • Furniture/Décor

Our best tip for furniture & decor is mix it up! Farmhouse styles evolve overtime or should at least look as if they did. You don’t need a full matching furniture set – it adds to the charm. Flea markets are a jackpot for farmhouse style décor and furniture. If you’re starting with the kitchen, consider concrete overlay counter tops or even go a step further and use stained wood! We recommend a darker shade that will nicely contrast against your white and neutral walls and cabinets. For both a farmhouse style kitchen and bathroom, your sink should not be forgotten. A farmhouse style sink is large & simple and can drastically change the room’s look all by itself. Pick out your sink before you start your countertops as farmhouse style sinks have a very distinctive look and often require custom countertop cuts.

  • Farmhouse Lighting

Farmhouse lighting is our wheelhouse at Facets of Lafayette, and we think it is the most important element to bring the room together. There are tons of styles and options to choose from so have fun and get creative. You can go super simple with wooden or metal basket lanterns or a little more elegant with simple tiered or circular chandeliers. One of the most popular light choices for a farmhouse style kitchen is a lantern pendant light.

  • Flooring

Farmhouse style flooring will create that authentic look and when done properly can you’re your space look larger. Your floors and your walls should be coordinated together. A natural hard wood floor is ideal. Whitewashed gray is popular, as is lighter browns.

Facets of Lafayette offers more than just home appliances and lighting – we have a team of custom design experts that can help piece your vision together for the perfect Farmhouse style design for free! It’s a part of our unparalleled customer service. Schedule an appointment or come and see us anytime!

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