Tips to maintaining Ceramic Tile Surfaces

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We discussed some different ways to utilize tile in your home in our blog, “To Tile, or Not to Tile” and now we are going to dig into a specific type of tile and how to keep it clean: Ceramic tile. Ceramic tile is typically made from red or white clay and is wildly popular in kitchen and bathroom flooring, counter tops and walls. This type of tile is strong and can withstand stains, odors, and bacteria which makes it excellent for high traffic areas. Ceramic tile is versatile and comes in a variety of colors and designs to fit any style. Another reason ceramic tile is commonly used by homeowners for bathroom or kitchen flooring, or even for kitchen backsplash is because it is super easy to keep clean. Below we dig into how to maintenance your Ceramic tile and the best place to purchase it if you are looking to go that direction.

Tips to maintain your ceramic tile surfaces:

  1. Mop or wipe down the ceramic surface with warm water at least once a week, possibly more for higher traffic areas. Be sure to sweep up or vacuum any debris or dust prior to mopping. It’s best practice to sweep daily to avoid any debris getting wet and turning into grime. Although ceramics are resistant to stains, debris can lead to dulling of the glaze overtime. 
  2. Avoid soap or too much cleaning product. Believe it or not, soap and strong chemicals will dull and degrade your tile surface. For weekly maintenance, warm water will do the trick. Once a month or so, for a deeper clean you use a neutral PH cleaning solution. There are a plethora of tile and grout cleaners you can purchase. Simply make sure whatever you use is a neutral PH to not discolor, strip or dull the surface. 
  3. Clean up spills immediately. Ceramic tile grout is absorbent in nature so the longer the liquid sits, the more it will soak in and require a heavier duty cleaning. It’s good practice to use a dry mop to dry your floors after cleaning for the same reason. Air drying can also lead to water spots.
  4.  After a deep cleaning or any cleaning that involves a cleaning solution, rinse the tile with water to avoid any residue build up.
  5. Invest in some quality floor mats to help minimize dust and debris getting onto your ceramic tile floors. 

If you are considering ceramic tiles for flooring, walls, or even counter tops and backsplash in your bathroom, kitchen or outdoor kitchen, come and see Facets of Lafayette and we can help you select the right style and colors for your project. Our team is experienced in custom designs and would be happy to assist you! 

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