FACETS is owned by Hajoca Corporation, the nation’s largest privately-held wholesale distributor of plumbing, heating and industrial supplies. Developed from The Bath & Kitchen Showplace as a new brand name for specific showroom locations, FACETS commits to maintaining the respectable reputation that is a hallmark of Hajoca Corporation. With locations in 32 states, Hajoca Corporation represents the premier product lines in its industry. Through this relationship, FACETS and its related trade names are able to offer a large selection of inventory at competitive prices.

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Company TimeLine

  • 1858

    Indoor plumbing was decades away from being the norm.
    One enterprising individual, William S. Cooper, decided to invest his life savings of $200 to start a business grinding key stops for plumbers in Philadelphia.

  • 1862

    Thomas J. Jones, a master bricklayer, joined Cooper as a junior partner in the firm Cooper and Jones. He assumed full control of a new phase of business – manufacturing sanitary fixtures and other plumbing materials.

  • 1867

    Joel Cadbury joined the firm, forming Cooper, Jones, and Cadbury.

  • Early 1880's

    The company expanded its line of products to include bathtubs, water closets, and lavatories, which led to the opening of the first showroom on Ridge Avenue in Philadelphia.

  • 1883 - 1884

    William H. Haines joined the company.
    William S. Cooper retired. The company name changed to Haines, Jones, and Cadbury.

  • 1887

    The company began using the trade name HAJOCA. The name is derived from the last names of the three visionaries (HAines, JOnes, and CAdbury = HA-JO-CA) who saw a demand for indoor plumbing, a relatively new concept in the 19th century, and vowed to make it easily available.

  • 1957

    After 99 years in Philadelphia, Hajoca’s general and corporate offices moved to a smaller building in Ardmore, Pennsylvania.

  • 1981

    Hajoca continued to grow through acquisitions and, in this year, the purchase of our own company was finalized. This returned the company to being privately owned, and we began operating with the profit-sharing business model that we still use today.

  • 2000

    Hajoca purchased LCR-M Corporation’s 52 traditional profit centers across Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas giving Hajoca a combined total of 257 profit centers. This acquisition provided even greater opportunity to provide outstanding service to customers and suppliers, as well as career and financial opportunities to associates.

  • 2000 - 2015

    Hajoca continued to grow through more acquisitions, adding profit centers across the U.S. with the total number at nearly 400 locations.

  • 2016

    FACETS – a new, more concise, and retail customer-friendly brand name was conceived for high-end luxury showrooms, with 18 locations initially participating in the rebrand.

  • 2017

    Hajoca corporate offices moved out of Ardmore after 60 years to a new location in Lafayette Hill, PA.
    In April, Fredericksburg, TX became the first showroom to operate under the name of FACETS.

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