Example of farmhouse style pendant lighting fixture
3 Ways to Incorporate Farmhouse Style in Your Kitchen
November 14, 2019
Beautiful kitchen with farmhouse lighting and Facets of Lafayette Kitchen Appliances
Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel Guide
November 24, 2019

There are multiple home decor trends that consistently come in and out of the spotlight as the years progress. If you’re the type who enjoys home renovation television series’, then you’ve probably heard of the Canadian series, “Worst to First.” According to an article spotlighting 2020 Decorating Trends as revealed by Worst to First, there are a few home decor trends on the rise that we can definitely get behind to make your space more stylish and trendy!

Coming in at #8 on the list is “Geometric Lighting,” and this is a decor trend that we absolutely love! Whether it’s in the form of a pendant light or a chandelier, geometric lighting is a home decor trend that is guaranteed to upgrade your space. Perhaps you want to give your kitchen or living room a style centered around art deco, or maybe just a spruce up in the lighting department; geometric lights are your answer! 

#12 on the list is “Black Hardware,” which we’ve all definitely seen on the rise (specifically in the kitchen and bathroom.) From black faucets to black shower heads, black accessories can make all the difference in the overall appearance of your kitchen or bathroom. Black hardware works well with just about any kitchen design, which makes its versatility a key strength. Whether your style is based on farmhouse or modern, throwing in some black hardware can spruce up your space without breaking the bank!

Last, but certainly not least, #13 on the list is “Intricate Back splashes.” We strive to provide a wide assortment of tile in order for you to craft the back splash of your dreams! Back splashes are meant to keep messes in the kitchen at bay, but they are also one of the strongest design elements in your kitchen.   

Combining your home’s vision with rising home decor trends is super easy when a large selection is present! Stop by our showroom floor today so that we can help you find the appliances, tile, or lighting that best fit your needs. 

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