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3 Ways to Incorporate Farmhouse Style in Your Kitchen

Farmhouse style can mean a variety of different things to different people. In addition to the proper appliances and lighting, the farmhouse trend has become associated with all the beautiful feelings of being home. Everyone’s view on farmhouse style is different, but it is commonly linked with a variety of different elements such as hardwood floors, iron bed frames, clean white sheets, or the smell of coffee brewing. If you’re searching to step up your farmhouse-style with stress-free endeavors, then we’ve got you covered with these three tips:

Think about the Sink

Farmhouse sinks tend to be a distinct style of sink referred to as apron. Apron sinks have an exposed front-facing side, which allows for more space when washing dishes. The beauty behind an apron sink lies in its rural look and overall simplicity. What’s even more interesting is that there are no holes for fixtures nor faucets, which allows for the water faucet to be used without ever having to be attached to the actual sink. This way, you can have the chic, farmhouse faucet of your dreams! 

Add some Pendant Lights!

Pendant lights are a very popular choice for kitchens that seek a farmhouse style. While offering a beautiful design element, pendant lights provide functionality through proper lighting. A pendant light hangs from the ceiling by a cord, chain, or metal rod, supports a single lighting fixture, and usually features a casing such as a globe, shade, or cage. When searching for a pendant light for your kitchen, you’ll have to decide on factors such as size, shape, and finish.  Pendant lights range from mini (less than 10 inches across) to large (over 20 inches across), so it’s important to select the right style depending on the placement. A quick rule of thumb when hanging pendant lights: make sure that your pendant lights aren’t hung low enough that they obstruct your view, or cause you to look directly into the light.  

Keep it Simple

When striving to approach a farmhouse style, it’s not a bad idea to keep things simple! After you’ve decided on your selected appliances and farmhouse light fixtures, decorate with mason jars, baskets, wood bowls, and other simplistic design elements. Too much decor can make the space feel cluttered, so it’s best to keep the kitchen clean and natural! Whatever comes to mind when thinking of farmhouse style, whether it’s apron sinks, pendant lights, or simplicity at its best, we think everyone can agree that altogether, it should be a space that says “welcome home.”

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