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The Ultimate Guide to Durable Cabinet Hardware for Outdoor Kitchens
August 16, 2023
Avoid Buyer’s Remorse: Decide What You Really Need Before Buying Appliances
September 12, 2023
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Bold vs. Subtle: Choosing the Right Farmhouse Light Fixtures

Farmhouse decor continues to be a sought-after style in home décor. Despite being around for years, its clean and classic aesthetic remains a popular choice for many homeowners. Achieving the perfect farmhouse aesthetic relies heavily on lighting choices. 

Many factors come into play when selecting the ideal farmhouse lighting. Your overall decor, personal taste, and the size and flow of a room should all be taken into consideration. 

Whether you gravitate toward dramatic focal points or prefer your lighting to seamlessly blend into its surroundings, the right farmhouse light fixtures can infuse cozy character into your home. 

Making a Bold Statement with Farmhouse Light Fixtures

For those with bold, eclectic tastes, farmhouse lighting can be a fun way to showcase your unique personality. Instead of playing it safe, opt for a statement-making light fixture that commands attention. Industrial pendants, oversized chandeliers, and unique shapes make your lighting a focal point. Rather than blending into the background, these eye-catching pieces scream “look at me!”

If you lean towards an edgier, modern rustic, or industrial farmhouse vibe, don’t be afraid to go bold with your lighting. 

Exaggerated shapes and textures – these attention-grabbing statement pieces are made for unconventional spaces that feature mixed metals, unfinished wood, concrete, and other modern accents. They’re an excellent choice for those not afraid of color.

Opt for a dramatic farmhouse light if you want it to be the first thing guests see when they enter a room. You can really harness that wow factor in entryways, hallways, kitchens, and dining rooms. 

When people walk in, the lighting will be the star of the show. So, go big and bold – let your lights reflect your daring personality and design style. 

The Understated Appeal of Subtle Fixtures

For those with a more understated personality and decor style, there are plenty of farmhouse lighting options that won’t steal the spotlight. Think simple dome shades, gooseneck lamps, schoolhouse pendants, and metal lanterns. These fixtures align with a traditional farmhouse look, featuring whitewashed wood, calming neutrals, and antique or vintage-inspired pieces.

With their clean, fuss-free silhouettes, subtle farmhouse lights blend seamlessly into your existing layout and decor. You can create a cohesive, curated look with lighting that provides ambient illumination without demanding excessive attention. The understated nature of these fixtures also makes them versatile and easy to incorporate into any farmhouse design.

Those who prefer a soothing, minimalist environment will appreciate how subtle fixtures amplify the beauty of a space without overwhelming it. Bedrooms and living rooms are ideal for this softer farmhouse lighting aesthetic.

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Farmhouse Fixtures

When deciding between bold and subtle farmhouse lighting, there are a few tips that can help guide your choice:

  • Identify your preference. Determine if you want your lighting to stand out or blend in. Your personality and design preferences will steer you toward one direction or the other.
  • Take into account your overall decor style. Your light fixtures should match the same level of boldness or subtlety to create cohesion.
  • Scale appropriately. Make sure the size and scale of the fixtures work for the room. Bold statements need adequate space, while subtle fixtures can get lost in larger areas.

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Choosing lights that reflect your personality will create a comfortably chic farmhouse feel. As your local farmhouse lighting experts in Lafayette, we’re dedicated to helping you choose the right pieces to complete your vision. 

Whether you prefer an understated elegance or eye-catching flair, at Facets of Lafayette, we have the perfect farmhouse light fixtures to match your style. Visit our showroom to see our collection in person and work with one of our Showroom Consultants to select lights that will elevate your unique home decor.