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Neat and practical, yet homely and satisfying, the farmhouse-style kitchen provides the perfect place to socialize and spend time with home. Typically featuring lots of white, wood and rural accents, farmhouse room decoration provides a happy alternative to modern or conventional looks. And while it’s attained increasing popularity over these last few years, essentially, it gets its inspiration from functional American farmhouses of the 18th and 19th centuries, also as old English country homes. The farmhouse-style kitchen is designed to be simple, elegant and comfortable. So, how can you embrace this style in your kitchen remodel to make the most of your beautiful space? Follow these few simple tips to get started.

Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Farmhouse Look

Farmhouse Style Color

One of the key features in a farmhouse kitchen remodel is the color within the space. If you are using this style for your kitchen, then you will need to consider the colors that are used in your kitchen. The color of the walls and ceiling will play an important role in creating a pleasing look. Most farmhouse kitchens use plenty of white light to create a bright and inviting ambiance. This, along with white-painted walls or shelving, will contrast wood accents that are commonly found in farmhouse kitchens. Your farmhouse kitchen will be based around this neutral, yet contrasting, color palette to be an inviting and open space for all of your guests.

Farmhouse Style Pendant Lighting

This type of kitchen also features lighting structures that provide natural light to flood the area. The kitchen should have a natural light source, such as candles or lamps. You can also have large open windows that can bring in the sun’s rays and warmth. If you don’t have much natural light flowing into the space by design, pendant lighting is a very popular style of lighting for farmhouse-style kitchens that you will want to consider. This type of lighting is designed to mimic the natural light coming from outside. Whether used as task lighting for a specific area, as decorative lighting bringing your guests’ eyes to the ceiling, as ambient lighting to bring natural light in, or as accent lighting for a particular area, pendant lighting supplies can truly bring out the best in your farmhouse kitchen!

Farmhouse Style Wood Flooring

The floors in your farmhouse kitchen remodel need to compliment the white colors and light within the space. Usually, you would want to look for a wood floor with a soft, yet inviting finish. The wood floor will contrast the white colors beautifully and bring a rustic feel to the kitchen that no other material would provide.


The main attraction in a farmhouse kitchen is usually an island table or cooking space. The kitchen is often used for small gatherings of friends and family. Having the island creates a focal gathering point for everyone involved. Whether your island has a stove or cook top, or is simply a table, be sure find a rustic, antique piece to complement the kitchen. The island would also be a great place to hang some of your pendant lighting to draw attention and interest.

Open Shelving

One easy and space-saving way to bring home the farmhouse feel is to incorporate open shelving into your kitchen. You can use this shelving to store (and show off!) your favorite decor items or bowls and plates. You can even add some fresh foliage to your shelves to create a more inviting look.

Farmhouse Sink

The sink in your kitchen can often be overlooked, but when carefully chosen, the sink area can really tie everything in your kitchen together. Often called the “apron-front sink,” these sinks are usually porcelain or clay in a farmhouse look, and can bring out the country in your kitchen area. With tall faucet necks, these sinks allow for a deeper and wider bowl which can be an asset for any kitchen.

Antique Accents

Small accents can make or break your space, and if you want a farmhouse feel to your kitchen, you would not want to skimp on this small details. Mason jars are quite a popular decor item used in farmhouse kitchens. They can be used to hold utensils or even fresh flowers for a hometown feel. Also, any antique kitchen items that have been used in a farmhouse will be perfect for adding to your home decor. You can add them on your open shelving unit, on your window sills, or in other areas of your kitchen for a pop of intrigue at every turn. The best part is–you don’t have to spend too much money on these items. Your local flea market will be FULL of full and useful ideas for your space.

If you are considering a farmhouse kitchen for your next remodel, we recommend you look at our guidelines and let your creativity run wild! With open lighting, wood and white accents, and a country feel, your farmhouse kitchen dreams are within reach! At Facets of Lafayette, you will find a variety of kitchen appliances, decorative ideas, and advice on your next remodel!

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