The Ultimate Guide to Durable Cabinet Hardware for Outdoor Kitchens

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The Ultimate Guide to Durable Cabinet Hardware for Outdoor Kitchens

As with conventional cabinet knobs, pulls, and other hardware, you have a plethora of options when it comes to kitchens for your outdoor living space. However, there’s one additional variable you need to take into consideration: weather resistance.

Choosing hardware that not only complements your design but withstands the elements is key for outdoor cooking spaces in Acadiana. Lafayette’s humid subtropical climate brings some unique challenges.

Being that these fixtures are located outside 24/7, they need to be built for factors like rain, humidity, UV rays, and boring insects. Here are some outdoor kitchen cabinet hardware choices designed to withstand the harsh exterior elements year-round.

Stainless Steel

When it comes to metal of any kind, there will naturally be concerns about rust. However, most stainless-steel cabinet hardware utilizes powder-coated material for a corrosion-resistant surface.

While some homeowners may associate stainless steel with industry commercial kitchens, they can still provide a pleasing visual charm. The shining metal provides contrast, especially if you have a wooden deck or other natural material.

It’s also worth noting that steel is highly heat-resistant. This further makes it a solid choice if your outdoor cabinet is adjacent to a heat-producing appliance, such as a barbecue or fire pit.

Stone and Stucco

Stone and stucco are common materials for a number of hardscape features, such as fountains and retaining walls. This blends your cabinet with the surrounding nature for an earthy ambiance. Stone and other masonry are also naturally resistant to most outdoor elements, though they may be susceptible to some stains.


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a synthetic material long known for its affordability. Since it’s plastic, people tend to think of PVC as being of low quality and not very good to look at.

While this is true with some lower-quality variants, most established manufacturers provide PVC hardware that’s highly weather resistant. As for appearances, designs can take on the look of natural or high-end materials, such as wood, marble, or brass nickel.

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It doesn’t get more natural when it comes to wood. However, if you go for genuine organic wood, you must do your research. Wood is porous and highly prone to warping and rotting.

If you go with this selection, aim for wood varieties known for greater weather resistance, such as teak and mahogany. This is also a higher maintenance option and regular treatment like sealing and staining will be required periodically.

Marine-Grade Aluminum

Aluminum is a lightweight metal. You may notice it’s commonly used for the frames and legs of outdoor chairs and tables. This is due to the alloy’s natural weather resistance.

If selecting aluminum knobs and pulls, confirm that the material is designated as marine-grade, meaning that it’s powder-coated for additional resistance against moisture and temperature fluctuations.


Few homeowners are familiar with melamine. This is a type of engineered wood made by bonding multiple wood layers with resin using a heat-treated pressure technique.

This material is beneficial because it has the appearance of wood but is less susceptible to moisture and warping. While more often used for cabinet doors, you can also find cabinet hardware made from this material.

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