Knobs vs. Pulls: Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

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Knobs vs. Pulls: Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Knobs and pulls are small components that make up the kitchen. Nevertheless, the small accessories serve as accents that really highlight focal points like the cabinets and adjoining countertop and appliances. Between knobs and pulls, which one is more suitable for your kitchen?

Should Kitchen Cabinets Have Knobs or Pulls?

Your kitchen is personal to you, so it can have either knobs or pulls depending on your preference. It also comes down to cabinet type. Here are some of the common cabinet styles and whether they go better with knobs or pulls.

Flat Panel Cabinets

These cabinets are known for their flat surface and minimalist design that emphasize more on the natural texture. This is a mainstay in contemporary designs. Pulls often complement this simplistic look quite well. Pulls with a stainless steel or brass nickel finish are good options.

Inset Cabinets

Inset cabinet doors are flush with the frames in the fully closed position. Both knobs and pulls work well with inset cabinets. With the exposed hinges, consider knobs or pulls that match the material of the hinges.

Shaker Cabinets

The shaker cabinet has a recessed center panel. The clean lines evoke a sense of simplicity and symmetry. A round knob may bring some welcome contrast to these elements.

Distressed Cabinets

The distressed design goes great with cottage and cabin-style homes. Either knobs or pulls are fine, but go with a design that has some rust or patina. Jeweled knobs also work nicely.

Louvered Cabinets

The louvered design makes these cabinet doors the focal point. You can go with either knobs or pulls. However, go with simple styles so the cabinet door remains the focal point.

Glass Cabinets

With glass cabinet doors, the contents inside the cabinet partly become the focal point. As with louvered cabinets, go with simple knobs or pulls that don’t stand out too much.

knobs on a white cabinet

The Pros of Knobs and Pulls

Both knobs and pulls have their respective advantages. Consider the benefits of each before committing to a decision.

The Pros of Knobs

  • Knobs are cheaper on average. This is because knobs are smaller and also require fewer installation hardware.
  • Knobs are easier to install; you only require one screw instead of two
  • You can’t install a knob crookedly.

The Pros of Pulls

  • Pulls are easier to grab and may be more user friendly for age-in-place remodeling.
  • Pulls have fewer hard-to-reach areas, making them easier to thoroughly clean.
  • Pulls are more user-friendly for younger children.
  • Pulls may be easier to use for upper cabinets
gold pulls on white cabinets

Should I Mix Knobs and Pulls?

It’s your kitchen, so feel free to mix knobs and pulls as you please. However, random mixing and matching may give off a clunky and displaced look. Here are some good rules of thumb to follow if mixing the two handle types.

  • Stick to a single color for every knob and pull.
  • Consider pulls for the cabinets and knobs for the smaller drawers.
  • While you should stick to a single color, consider metals of different finishes to add dimension.
  • For a cohesive look, consider knobs and pulls that match your faucet or the metal portions of your appliances.
  • Since you’re already using both knobs and pulls, stick to one style of each.

It’s Your Choice

The guidelines we outlined above are merely suggestions. We can’t emphasize enough that there are no rules. After all, it’s your kitchen, and it deserves a renovation that’s satisfying to your own personal style.

If you’re ready for a kitchen upgrade, then visit our cabinet hardware store in Lafayette, LA. We have a wide range of knobs and pulls for you to choose from. Find the right cabinet hardware that provides the perfect mix of function and ambiance.

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