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Farmhouse style is becoming an increasingly popular theme in today’s modern home and for great measure. A farmhouse kitchen looks great, can be remodeled on a budget, and can hold its value for years to come. When it comes to remodeling your kitchen with a farmhouse flair, keep in mind the distinct, recognizable elements that will truly hone in on bringing together your farmhouse vision. Farmhouse style usually consists of a neutral color scheme, including beige, cream, and off-white colors. Exposed wood, marble counter tops, and white cabinets are some of the most popular choices in a modern farmhouse kitchen because each of these elements works well to compliment the others. A farmhouse kitchen is also very clean, clutter-free, and features an open concept that makes the space feel more welcoming, spacious, and inviting. Everyone’s farmhouse kitchen will be different, but if you’ve come to the decision that a farmhouse kitchen remodel is in your future, then there are 2 key elements that we can help you keep in mind: 

Farmhouse Kitchen Appliances

Whether you’re just buying your first house or remodeling for the first time in years, purchasing the right appliances for your kitchen is a major task. Not only can it be pricy, but it can take a lot of research to find the best brands for your buck. Luckily, our showroom floor is home to a variety of kitchen appliances from trustworthy brands, and we’ll be able to give our best recommendations for what you’re searching for. 

For starters, you’ll need a range, and whether it’s gas, electric, or dual-fuel is up to you. The more exciting part comes in when choosing a hood for your range because this allows for more creativity and a greater ability to channel farmhouse style. There are rustic hoods, copper range hoods, and many others to choose from depending on your style. A refrigerator is another crucial appliance for your kitchen, but there isn’t really a specific “farmhouse style refrigerator.” A stainless steel refrigerator works great and is one of the most popular options in homes everywhere-even those that do not have a farmhouse style. Smaller appliances, such as microwaves and toasters, can also be stainless steel, and if your kitchen has open shelving, then these will look great perched in a space by your cabinets, or even a space in your kitchen’s island.  

Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

When it comes to farmhouse kitchen lighting, we have two words: pendant lights. Hanging light fixtures, such as pendant lights, are truly the perfect option for a farmhouse kitchen because of their versatility and overall ability to look great wherever placed. Pendant lights hang down from the ceiling by a single cord and look beautiful hanging over kitchen islands, kitchen sinks, or even over the dinner table. It’s truly no question on whether you’ll be able to find a pendant light that meets your style requirements; hanging light fixtures come in so many distinct and unique styles. You can aim for lights without a casing, exposing only the bulb, or find a casing that works with your decor, such as geometric shapes or more rustic designs.  

As with all remodels, appliances and lighting are remarkably important components of a farmhouse kitchen remodel. As mentioned earlier, our showroom floor is home to so many different appliances and lighting, as well as tile and plumbing if you plan on extending your remodel to other areas of the house. Our expert staff is ready to help you find what you’ve been searching for with regards to remodeling and answer any questions about products, brands, or style choices with winning recommendations. 

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