Easy DIY Appliance Installation Tips

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Paying someone to remodel your home, or install new appliances saves you time and gives you peace of mind that it was done properly. While convenient, it comes with a price. Right now the future of our economy is uncertain due to the coronavirus. In addition to wanting to save the extra cash, you may be hesitant to allow people into your home right now. If you are getting antsy to complete some projects you have been putting off due to your new influx of time, consider taking on the project yourself. You may just learn something new! 

Below are some tips to DIY appliance installations and easy home projects that are easy to do yourself that you may not have thought of yet. Whatever your DIY venture may be, we hope you consider Facets of Lafayette for your lighting and appliance purchases. While we are currently not able to open our showroom to the public, our staff is available for digital accommodations!

DIY Installation Tips

  1. Know your abilities. While confidence in what you are able to do is essential when approaching an installation task, know your limits and keep safety at top of mind. Evaluate the task start to finish before getting started. If you are not certain you will be able to finish it safely, or properly, consider putting it off until you can hire some help. 
  2. Knowledge and tools. Thoroughly read through the instruction manual that comes with your appliance prior to getting started. This will ensure you have the proper tools, enables you to judge if you will be able to complete the project, and ensures you won’t void your warranty by missing a step. After reading the manual, do your research. We live in a world where information is seconds away at your fingertips. There are tutorials, youtube walkthroughs, instruction manuals, and everything you could possibly need on just about every installation topic online. 
  3. Measurements, measurements, measurements! If you have ever gotten yourself amped up for a project to only get started and realize you don’t have enough room to install it, you understand the disappointment, frustration, and ultimate regret of not properly taking measurements. Kitchen appliances in particular have increased in size over the years so are likely larger than the older model you are replacing. If you can’t find the proper size, you may need to widen space to make it fit.
  4. Shut off water, gas valves, and electrical power sources. Avoid making a huge mess and keep safety first by shutting off these sources during the new installation. Once fully installed, turn them back on for testing, but be prepared for any misfits or leaks in case they do occur. 
  5. Be prepared for hidden maintenance. When removing an old appliance, you may notice issues that the appliance has been hiding. For example, rusted or broken installation parts that need replacing prior to new installation or a rotted out baseboard that needs to be fixed. NOTE: If something major needs fixing such as a new gas line or electrical outlet, we recommend you hire a professional to do the job. 

DIY Project Ideas

If you don’t have any particular projects in mind, but are looking to make good use of your time, consider some of the below DIY projects. These can typically be done without professional hire easily and can change the entire look of a room. 

  1. Flooring – both tile and wood flooring are fairly easy to install yourself. If you have proper angeling and power tools to make cuts, this could be a fun project. 
  2. Shower Heads – A good shower head can change your entire showering experience! Shower heads are easy to install. 
  3. Sinks – a new sink in your kitchen or bathroom can drastically improve the overall look of the room. There are tons of options to choose from. If you do not have a basic knowledge of plumbing, be sure to do your research beforehand and take proper measurements. 
  4. Faucets – If your faucet needs to be replaced, be sure to buy the correct style for your sink fixture. Typically a good rule of thumb is to buy something similar to what was there previously, especially if you are not experienced in any type of plumbing. For full information on sink faucet installation, check out our blog post “How to install a bathroom sink faucet”.
  5. Mosaic tile backsplash. This one may take a bit more planning and patients, but will add lots of style to your kitchen or bathroom. It is much easier than you would think if you have the proper tools and instruction. 

These are a few of our tips and ideas for DIY projects. If you have any questions about completing a project, we are happy to help out in this time of need. Feel free to contact our custom design team for additional ideas and good luck on your project!

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