Perfect example of Farmhouse Lighting component for a kitchen or bathroom.
Channeling Farmhouse Style
June 10, 2019
Beautiful bathroom sink faucet from Facets of Lafayette's showroom. Tile backsplash in background
Bathroom Sink Faucets: Why They Matter
July 1, 2019

Whichever theme you’re trying to convey in your house, whether modern, contemporary, industrial, or minimalist, the addition of a few hanging light fixtures can upgrade any room into the ideal vision you seek to express. Hanging light fixtures can capture the attention of any guest when done correctly. Thinking about enhancing the appearance of your kitchen? Add a hanging light fixture. Or what about elevating the atmosphere of your living room — the room that’s meant to bring families together? Add a hanging light fixture. Although there are so many choices and technicalities when it comes to deciding on which lighting fixture to pick, it doesn’t have to be complicated.


One of the most popular modern-day hanging light fixtures is the well-known chandelier. The great thing about chandeliers is that they can be huge, grand, and opulent or simple, minimalistic, and sensible. Adding a chandelier to your living room or kitchen can create an ambience unlike any other; a chandelier can be the first and last thing talked about at any family gathering.


If you’re searching for a simple way to upgrade your outdoor area, adding exterior hanging light fixtures may be the spark you need. Whether it’s a porch area that all your neighbors can see, or a private backyard area that functions as your special, secret getaway, outdoor lighting should never be overlooked. Outdoor hanging lanterns are a great option to spruce up any exterior space. While being both eye-catching and elegant, a modern outdoor lantern fixture allows light to shimmer through a clean, clear glass. The lantern adds visual intrigue while being functional and durable to any harsh, unpredictable Louisiana weather. Kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and outdoor areas continue to thrive with the addition of hanging light fixtures because they prove to be great options time and time again. Through both visual appeal and functionality, adding a hanging light fixture may be the final stroke of genius to any room in your house.

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