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5 Plumbing Tips for The Holidays
December 14, 2021
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Plumbing Tips for The Holidays - Facets of Lafayette
5 Plumbing Tips for The Holidays
December 14, 2021
How Do I Choose Cabinet Hardware - Facets of Lafayette
How Do I Choose Cabinet Hardware?
January 12, 2022
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Different Types of Bathroom Faucet Finishes You Need to Know

New Year, New Bathroom!

If you are adding the finishing touches on a newly renovated bathroom in your home, then you may be at the point in your process to choose finishes and faucets. With so many bathroom sink faucet choices online and in-store, this can feel overwhelming. The team at Facets of Lafayette is here to help make these choices a little easier.

Have a bathroom sink faucet ready to install? We have a step-by-step guide to installing your new faucet!

Bathroom Sink Colors and Finishes

Take into consideration the current color scheme when choosing a bathroom sink faucet. You want to ensure that your overall renovated look is cohesive, down to the faucet finishes. If this is your first time choosing faucet finishes, we recommend that you pick ones that match the color of other accessories in your bathroom.

Here are some faucet finishes to consider:

Matte Black

Punchy, bold, and black finishes are on-trend for 2022. Matte black faucets are easy to clean up and would be the perfect faucet finishes if you want to go for a modern or eclectic style.


Go for brass finish faucets if you want a more vintage-inspired bathroom look. The common types of brass finishes are polished, brushed, and satin brass.


The oil-rubbed bronze faucets have many advantages since they are durable, easy to clean as they don’t show fingerprints or water spots, and go with almost any textures. The main drawback of these faucets is that they are relatively costly compared to nickel and chrome finishes.


A great choice if you have notes of creams, caramels, and/or light grays in your bathroom. Copper faucets offer traditional and rustic feels, which pair well with a farmhouse or Tuscan setting.


Chrome faucets are considered the most popular bathroom faucet finish. They are affordable, long-lasting, and match with all types of bathroom décor. On the flip side, you need to clean them frequently to wipe off water spots and fingerprints.


The biggest advantage of choosing a gold finish is that it works in any bathroom setting by bringing a warm touch into the mix. Gold is a fabulous go-to finish if you have white marble or light stone countertops.


Nickel finishes are your go-to if you want a shiny silvery look for your bathroom fixtures. The two most common nickel finishes are polished and brushed nickel. Polished nickel finishes offer shiny and reflective surfaces, even though you may need to clean them regularly as they are more prone to water spots. On the other hand, brushed nickel gives a matte look, making it easier to maintain.  

There are also combination finishes that offer mixed metals all in one. This is an excellent money-saving option for a mixed-metal look without buying multiple metal finishes.

Faucet Controls                                            

Do you like handles on your bathroom faucets? How about knobs? Touchless? Push-buttons? Schedule your appointment with the Facets of Lafayette team at our conveniently located showroom in Lafayette, LA and we will help you decide the best option for your bathroom. Here are just a few options to consider:

  • Cross-Handles – a timeless choice.
  • Joystick – like a lever, but more unique with a wider range of motion and multifunctionality.
  • Touchless – without any handles or knobs, the faucets will automatically be activated by placing your hands under the spout.
  • Touch-Activated – similar to touchless bathroom sink faucets function with a touch or tap. This is a great option for those suffering from accessibility issues. 


There are also water-efficient bathroom faucets to choose from. These are built to use less water by saving over 700 gallons of water per year while performing the same as other types of faucets.

Choosing a bathroom sink faucet finish that matches your overall bathroom décor and style is not an easy task. Our staff at Facets of Lafayette is well-equipped to help you with all of these options.

Schedule your consultation today and get closer to completing your newly renovated bathroom for the new year!