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Bathroom Sink Faucets are an essential element to your bathroom and choosing one is not always as simple as it seems. The options are limitless: colors, single handle, double handle, wall mount, knobs, push start, touch-less, the list goes on. You probably haven’t thought of your bathroom sink faucet until it’s time to choose a new one and if you’ve landed here, you likely need some help narrowing down your options. Let’s take a look at some different bathroom sink faucet elements that should be factored into your shopping decision and help find the right sink for you!

Installation Type

If you are replacing a sink it’s best to stick with the same installation type as the previous one. Your bathroom is already equipped to accommodate and it will make installing a much easier task. If you are completely remodeling or adding on a new bathroom from scratch, your options are open. Some of your different options are: 

  1. Wall Mounted – the name says it all. A wall mounted faucet is mounted to the wall rather than the sink or the counter. If this is something you are interested in, make sure your water lines are properly set up to accommodate. 
  2. Single Hole – A single hole faucet has the handle control combined with the spout. If you have multiple holes in your sink deck or countertop, there are plate options to cover other holes if you are choosing this just because you prefer the look. A single hole faucet is one of the more common options, especially for kitchen sinks. 
  3. Center-set – A center-set sink faucet is an all in one option with both handles and the spout combined into one fixture. The two side holes are typically 4 inches a part. This faucet type is the standard for most bathrooms and is likely what you are used to.
  4. Vessel – A vessel sink faucet is typically recommended to pair with a vessel sink due to their tall design. Although a vessel sink can work with other sink types, the height should be considered. Make sure it will be visually appealing prior to your purchase.
  5. Widespread – A widespread sink faucet has the same set up as a center-set with two handles and a spout on the same deck but the handles are 8 inches apart instead of 4. If your holes are pre-drilled as widespread, it’s best to replace with another widespread. 

Handle Options

Once you have chosen your installation type, you can choose your handles. There are several handle options such as levers (Most common), knobs, cross handles, joystick or motion/touch activated handles which are a newer option popular in commercial settings but could be a neat option for your home as well. 


There are also several features and styles to consider when choosing the right bathroom sink faucet for you. Your faucet style is where you can add some personality to your sink. You can choose a vintage look or something new and contemporary. You can also play with different spout heights, different designs such as waterfall, or more sharp edges and angels. Faucet style options are limitless and is where you get to express your creativity. 

Still not sure where to start? At Facets of Lafayette, we can help you choose the perfect bathroom sink faucet for your project. Come check out our showroom to get some ideas!

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