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With 2020 on the horizon, if you’ve been thinking about upgrading your space with new light fixtures, then now may be the perfect time! Finding the right lighting starts with deciding on which room you’re searching for lighting for. The kitchen, living area, bedroom, and bathroom may all have distinct lighting options, so read on to learn more about the most popular options for these spaces. 


Pendant light fixtures are a great option for the kitchen, especially if your kitchen is equipped with a large island. Pendant lights hang down from the ceiling by a single cord and look spectacular when done correctly. You’ve probably seen pendant light fixtures in groups of three hanging over a kitchen island or dinner table, or perhaps one alone hanging above the kitchen sink. Pendant lights have become extremely popular simply because of how versatile they are, and with so many different styles, shapes, sizes, and colors, it’s almost impossible for a pendant light fixture to not work in your kitchen! Recessed lights are another great option for the kitchen because there isn’t much to think about style-wise. Recessed lights are merely installed in hollow spaces (primarily on the ceiling) and are known to make your space feel bigger. 

Living room

The living area works great with mostly any lighting, including the previously mentioned pendant light fixtures and recessed lights, but another great lighting element that can be used to to make the living area feel bigger and brighter is a chandelier. Chandeliers are beautiful lighting options, and in addition to being great conversation pieces, they bring an opulence like no other. Chandeliers work great in dining areas as well, and even in the master bedroom. Deciding on a chandelier really depends on the style and size of both the chandelier and the room it will be hung in.  


Bathroom lighting may be the simplest lighting decision of all because the most popular lighting for the bathroom is vanity lighting. Vanity lights are installed over the bathroom sink, primarily above the mirror or on either side of it. As with all lighting, size in general plays a very important factor, but with vanity lighting, the size of the vanity is of the utmost importance. The size of your vanity and the style of vanity lighting that catches your eyes will primarily determine which vanity lights you go with.  

Ring in the new year with new lighting fixtures! If you’re seeking a wide selection of lighting for your home, then we would love to show you around our showroom floor.

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