Outdoor Light Fixtures: Lanterns and Wall Sconces

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Outdoor Light Fixtures: Lanterns and Wall Sconces

Outdoor light fixtures are known to make homes feel both attractive and secure. Not only does outdoor lighting illuminate your space, but it can also add a great aesthetic element that instantly upgrades the entire layout. Because outdoor light fixtures make your space feel safe and aesthetically pleasing, it may be a hard decision on which fixtures to choose for your space. The choices range from garden lights to string lights, pendant lights, and so many more. One of the most popular lighting options for the outdoors include lanterns and wall sconces.  

Lanterns vs. Wall Sconces

The difference between a lantern and a wall sconce is very minimal, and lanterns can actually be considered wall sconces depending on how they are set up. A lantern is merely a container that holds some form of light. Lanterns come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles, but most lantern light fixtures are geometrically designed, and made up of a glass casing. Outdoors, lanterns will mostly always be hung in some form, but they can also be mounted to the wall, as mentioned earlier. 

Wall sconces, on the other hand, are light fixtures that attach to a wall. Because a sconce uses the wall for support, the light is usually directed upwards or downwards depending on the fixture. Lanterns tend to emit more light than a wall sconce, but it all really depends on the bulb and design of each.  

If you’re searching for a light fixture that commonly produces minimal light, then a wall sconce is your best bet. If you’re searching for an outdoor light fixture that produces more light than the minimum, then perhaps a lantern would be the better option. The search for outdoor light fixtures may seem overwhelming, but our showroom floor is stocked full of lanterns, wall sconces, and other outdoor lighting that you may have never even thought of. Let us help you find the outdoor light fixtures of your dreams!

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