5 Plumbing Tips for The Holidays

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The holidays are a time when family and friends gather with each other to celebrate. This is also a time when more laundry is washed, extra showers and baths are taken, more hair goes down the drain, and toilets are flushed more often. 

The last thing anyone needs to deal with during the festivities is a clogged drain. So, to keep your holiday merry and bright, contact your local plumbing supply store in Lafayette, LA for tips and suggestions on preventing plumbing issues. It can make all the difference this holiday season.

Holiday Plumbing Tips to Remember

Garbage disposal

The garbage disposal is often misused therefore making it a culprit for clogged drains. Knowing what can and cannot go through the garbage disposal will help to prevent damaging it and avoid waste from backing up into the sink. Keep in mind that your disposal is not a trash can.

Main drains

One thing that will almost guarantee your drain does not function properly, is by pouring waste that can cause clogs down it. For example, you should NEVER pour oil, grease, or fat down the drain because they can harden and clog.  Investing in a mesh drain cover to catch food waste in the sink or hair in the shower would be beneficial to preventing clogs and backup. 

Water heater

With additional family members and guests staying in your home during the holiday season, multiple showers and baths are inevitable. This can put a strain on your water heater. Turning up the heater to increase its capacity (do not exceed 125 degrees) can ensure everyone will enjoy a warm shower or bath. Or you could allow ten minutes between showers or baths to ensure that the hot water tank has enough time to heat back up. 

Frozen pipes

To prevent pipes from freezing during the winter months, cover them with insulation (sleeve form or wrapping).  Always replace new piping as needed in places that were already insulated or heated.

Repair Pipes

If a pipe breaks during the holiday season, it is vital to turn off the water supply at the mainline as soon as possible.  Once the damaged pipe is located and replaced, recover the pipe with insulation.

For some people, the holiday season tends to be stressful. With decorating the house, visiting relatives and friends, last-minute shopping, and much more, it is easy to see how someone can become overwhelmed. But your home plumbing system can also be under stress too. 

The added demand on your sink, dishwasher, and garbage disposal will be more than normal during the holidays, so scheduling a licensed plumber to inspect the plumbing system beforehand will help to eliminate any underlying issues that could go unnoticed. 

Your best defense to making sure your plumbing systems are running properly would be to schedule a maintenance inspection. You may also want to have some essential plumbing tools on hand to fix minor issues that may arise.

If you are in need of new plumbing parts before enjoying holiday festivities, contact Facets of Lafayette today. Facets of Lafayette is the largest distributor of plumbing supplies. We deliver quality service and have helped thousands of homeowners in Lafayette, LA, with their plumbing supply needs. 

Our team of highly skilled professionals is eager to assist you and your family in preparing for the upcoming holidays. Facets of Lafayette offers a wide variety of products to assist with major home remodels, home repairs, or newly built homes. You can call us at 337-981-7860, schedule an appointment, or visit our showroom at 3155 Ambassador Caffery Parkway, Lafayette, LA, to view all the brands and services we have to offer. 

Do not let your plumbing problems back up on you this holiday season!

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