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Whether you own your own home, rent, or stay with family, you are bound to have a plumbing issue that needs immediate attention. If you aren’t a skilled plumber or don’t know how to fix it yourself, these situations can cause a great deal of stress. However, there are some essential tools you should have on hand should these situations arise. These tools can help you fix minor plumbing problems that may be causing trouble in your home. From minor leaks to clogged toilets, you can fix them quickly by using the right tools. Here are a few plumbing tools to have on hand for your home.


There are a few staple plumbing tools that you will want to have in your home, and a plunger is one of them. A common household item, a plunger uses suction to unclog your drains. They can be used on sink drains, tub/shower drains, and/or toilet drains. There are many different types of plungers, but the flange plunger will give you the most suction force possible. Another tip: make sure you use a different plunger for your toilet than for your sink drains to avoid cross contamination.

Drain Snakes

A drain snake, or a “Plumber’s Snake,” is another staple plumbing tool. A drain snake is a long and flexible auger that is inserted into drains to remove clogs. The drain snake can sometimes reach clogs that a plunger cannot dislodge. Having one of these in your toolbox will prove to be invaluable.


Wrenches are a dime a dozen when it comes to plumbing. However, there are a few types of wrenches that you should keep on hand for plumbing emergencies:

  • Basin Wrench
    • The basin wrench is T-shaped and very useful for working on faucets. Its clamp allows you to reach into small spaces to tighten nuts and bolts that you would otherwise not be able to reach.
  • Adjustable Wrench
    • The adjustable wrench is a tool that you should have in your toolbox no matter what. Coming in different sizes, the adjustable wrench is best used for hexagonal nuts.
  • Pipe Wrench
    • The pipe wrench, as its name suggests, loosens and tighten the nuts that hold pipes together. This is a crucial tool if you are replacing or repairing pipes.


Pliers are another tool that come in many sizes and shapes, but a few specific ones are great to have on-hand for plumbing emergencies.

  • Slip-Joint Pliers
    • These types of pliers are your “everyday” set of pliers. Named for the joint that allows for extra range, the slip-joint pliers can grip, loosen, tighten, crimp, and so much more.
  • Needle Nose Pliers
    • These pliers taper to a point, allowing you to get into smaller spaces. Unlike normal pliers, these can be used for more delicate tasks.
  • Locking Pliers
    • Locking pliers lock in place, allowing you use of both hands for other tasks. Also known as “Vice Grips,” this tool can lock down on nuts, bolts, or anything else you need with much greater force than other types of pliers.


If you are planning to cut any pipes, having a hacksaw and/or plastic pipe cutters is important. A hacksaw can be used to cut the pipes in your home with precision, as well as cut through difficult nuts and bolts. Similarly, plastic pipe cutters can cut through the plastic pipes that you have. Both tools are great to keep around your toolbox.

One of the most common problems with your plumbing system will be leaks. Leaks can occur when a water tank is not properly installed or if there are leaks in the drain or pipes. Thread seal tape is a useful tool to have on-hand to seal those smaller leaks. Used at a threaded joint, this tape stretches to fit the joint, and seals out water. Similarly, plumber’s putty is another excellent tool for sealing cracks in your plumbing system. The putty is used as a sealant to make a water-tight seal around faucets and drains.

Whether you are replacing a faucet, replacing pipe, or anything in-between, having these tools on-hand will prove to be invaluable, saving you time and money. If replacement is necessary, look no further than Facets of Lafayette! They have a wide selection of plumbing supplies and the knowledge to help you get started.

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