Modern Bathrooms: The New Favorite Room in the House

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Modern Bathrooms: The New Favorite Room in the House

The bathroom is not usually the room in which people spend the most time. Usually, that category is reserved for kitchens and living rooms. The latest trend in home décor is to modernize their spaces. Modernizing can include making the space more useful with storage, changing the lighting to open the space, decorating the area to make it more inviting, and other changes. Those same changes can be made to the bathroom area in a home to offer the same attractions. There are many ways that homeowners can accomplish the modernization of their bathroom:

Paint Options/Color Schemes

Within the modern home décor movement, societal trends have highlighted certain colors to enhance that type of look. In the bathroom space, using greens and teals either as paint or as a general color scheme can really bring attention to a once dull space. Making a specific bathroom appliance that color, such as a tub or shower, can also bring attention and beauty to the space. Also, painting the ceiling of the bathroom a lighter color can make the bathroom area look larger. In general, the inclusion of brighter, more vibrant colors is a huge part of the modern home movement. However, if a homeowner wants to modernize the colors in their bathroom with a less permanent option, removable wallpapers are widely popular and are available in a variety of bright colors and patterns.

Wall Décor

Modern wall décor aims to break up the monotony of the bathroom space and make it a more enjoyable, stylish space. For example, the geometric style and pattern is quite stylish in this movement. A geometric framed piece of art is one example of a modern twist on decoration within that space. Another way to modernize your bathroom is to draw more attention to a large mirror. This mirror can become the focal point of the bathroom as well as an opportunity to add storage space if a cabinet can be installed behind it. Thirdly, the inclusion of plants and greenery in the bathroom can bring a modern freshness into your bathroom area.


A great way to modernize your bathroom can simply involve changing the lighting structure in the space. For example, a wall sconce or mini pendant can bring light to the darker corners of the space, opening a smaller space. Using modern LED lights can also help homeowners save on their utility bills. Alternatively, homeowners can install lighting structures with a soft glow or a dimmer function can “romanticize” the space, and make it more appealing and associated to the modern style.


Modern flooring brings color and patterns that were usually avoided. “Loud” flooring styles can modernize your bathroom and bring life back into it. In the same way that geometric wall décor is part of the modern style, so is a geometric pattern in flooring. Using a chevron or striped pattern can replace the boring tile or wood floors within the bathroom. This change does not have to be super difficult, as there are many removable options that are relatively cheap for homeowners to choose from.

Hardware and Appliances

There are several ways to modernize your bathroom that involve replacing or converting certain appliances or structures within the space. For example, updating the bathroom faucets can provide more efficiency and modern style. Another example is converting your bulky tub into a space-saving shower. In this way, the bathroom becomes more accessible and gives the homeowner more opportunities for tiled or decorated spaces to draw attention to. If removing your tub is not an option, getting a colored tub or painting the existing tub can bring more attention to the structure and bring in bright and vibrant colors into the space. Additionally, updating the vanity can provide more space, more organization, and bring in modern style. Lastly, upgrading the toilet from the standard toilet to a more elegant or high-tech version can modernize a once unsightly, though necessary, appliance. Toilets now have many modern options to choose from, such as bidets, auto-closing lids, and many more. They can also help the homeowner save money by being more water efficient.

Small modernizations can make a huge difference on the attractiveness of your bathroom. A modern style brings in light and openness to a space that may not be the focal point of your home. Bringing in bright colors and eccentric patterns, focal pieces, and plants can turn your bathroom from an avoided space to an enjoyable space. If you aren’t sure where to get started, do not hesitate to contact Facets of Lafayette. Not only do we offer the appliances needed to modernize your bathroom, but our expert staff loves a custom project!

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