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Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

Home appliances, specifically kitchen appliances, have become one of the most crucial elements of our home. They not only contribute to the overall flow, look and feel of your home, but most are used everyday – sometimes 24 hours a day. It’s important that these crucial home elements be efficient, long lasting and durable. Facets represents many brands and has a fantastic selection of home and kitchen appliances that will complement your personal style and design choices. Whether you are replacing your Samsung refrigerator or adding a full outdoor kitchen on to your home, Facets is the place for you. Our beautiful showroom will help you envision the way these appliances will fit within your home decor and our consultants can advise and make recommendations if you’re not quite sure. Contact us to make an appointment with our showroom consultants or simply stop by at 3201 Ambassador Caffery.

Outdoor kitchens are perfect for any family that’s been stuck indoors all day due to quarantine and social distancing. It’s a great way to enjoy the spring weather and to take in all that nature has to offer. With summer quickly approaching, barbecues and grilling parties are sure to be on the rise—but what if you don’t have an outdoor kitchen? Sure, you can purchase an outdoor grill and a few tables and chairs, but for those searching to create a more detail-oriented outdoor kitchen, consider some of our outdoor kitchen design ideas: 


As stated earlier, there’s nothing like a summer barbecue, but with a barbecue comes the need for a grill. Some will go so far as to say that your outdoor kitchen is practically incomplete without a nice, sturdy grill. Typically, every outdoor kitchen starts with a gas grill, as it tends to be the focal point of the set-up. Facets of Lafayette carries traditional gas grills, as well as the charcoal ceramic smokers, which are commonly used in addition to a gas grill. There are a few differences between using a gas grill and ceramic grill, such as the size, price, mobility, and ease of use. 

Coyote Outdoor Living is a popular brand of outdoor grills that we carry. In addition to gas grills, Coyote carries the popular kamado ceramic grills, which are shaped like an egg. These grills feature built-in folding wood side shelves and include a dual-vent airflow system to control temperatures easily. Whichever grill you choose, make sure you’ve allotted enough space for it in your initial outdoor kitchen design. You may even want to consider adding side burners, power burners, griddles, or even a pizza oven to complement your traditional grills upon your purchase. 


Your outdoor kitchen is a place for you to cook and entertain guests, which means you’ll need convenient storage areas to stock your cooking supplies. Condiments, seasonings, utensils, pots, pans, you name it—the more storage you allot for in your outdoor kitchen design plans, the happier you’ll be when it comes to preparing your next big feast. Maximize your counter space with built-in storage units, such as access doors beneath your grill, storage drawers, enclosed cabinets, and shelving. Most of the time, people tend to underestimate the amount of storage they’ll need for their outdoor kitchen, which is understandable. Storage is often looked over because it’s not as flashy as appliances, but its usability makes up for it. It always comes down to how much you plan on entertaining, how extensive your cooking is, and how often you’ll be using the outdoor kitchen. Do yourself a favor and look into adding on a few storage drawers or cabinets for your outdoor kitchen area. 

Refrigerators and other add-ons

For those who love to entertain, or simply cook outdoors for the family often, an outdoor refrigerator is one of the most popular outdoor kitchen appliances. An outdoor refrigerator built-in under your countertop is great for keeping your beverages cold during the summer and avoiding the constant in-and-out of walking into your home during your meal. A branch of outdoor refrigerators includes kegerators and wine coolers, which are popular choices among consumers. We have a wide assortment of wine coolers, courtesy of U-Line, that can keep your wine cool for the hotter months. You may even want to consider an ice bin for keeping beverages ice cold or an ice-maker itself.

Some other popular add-ons that will undeniably increase your outdoor kitchen’s convenience include a sink and built-in trash bins. These are two options that are relatively cheap and often overlooked. Hand washing (especially right now) as well as washing any dirty utensils, plates, cups, etc. will come in handy by installing an outdoor sink. And with a built-in trash bin, any packaging, napkins, or cups can easily be disposed of conveniently.  

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

Your outdoor kitchen will need proper lighting in times where you plan on cooking into the night. A light above the grill is a popular option, as well as under-countertop lighting. These are both extremely functional and can give your space an aesthetically pleasing look. LED lighting is also great to consider, and some even come in color-changing options. These are perfect for setting the scene for fun holidays or just mixing it up from time to time. Reach out to us, or any of your local lighting stores depending on where you’re located, to discuss all of the options when it comes to outdoor lighting. 

An outdoor kitchen can take between 3 weeks to 4 months to construct, depending on your budget and overall design goals. Before you start hatching your outdoor kitchen design ideas, or even constructing your outdoor kitchen itself, become aware of where your utilities are located, including gas, electricity, and water, and determine their accessibility to the proposed kitchen area. Contact us for any design inspiration, expert advice, or to purchase your next top-notch outdoor kitchen appliance.

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