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May 5, 2020
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If you want to channel a farmhouse design theme in your home, then finding the proper lighting will be a major step in the design journey. If you feel like your lighting fixtures are outdated, or you’re simply looking for something new, then we’ve got you covered with a wide assortment of light fixtures to choose from. Keep in mind that budget farmhouse lighting is totally possible as well. Unlike some other themes, farmhouse is more than buying the fanciest lighting fixture or appliance. It’s more so focused on what brings that rustic, antique, and clean farmhouse feel to your home. As with any style, your version of farmhouse will be different than the next person’s vision. Although we mention the most popular choices that have been implemented in modern farmhouse homes, if you have another idea in mind, then go with it. Feel free to deviate from the norm with your farmhouse lighting ideas and find the light fixture that speaks to you and your home. 

Kitchen Lighting

A popular choice for those who wish to implement a farmhouse kitchen theme is pendant lighting. This type of lighting works especially well if your kitchen has an island. A string of three pendant lights situated right above your island will truly hone in on that desired farmhouse feel. Most pendant lights contain a casing or cover which can be chosen based on other style elements of your kitchen or home. Some choices include metal cages, geometric casings, or some may just choose to leave the pendant’s bulb bare. Some pendant lights are attached to a wooden beam, which is a great choice for a farmhouse style. A chandelier is another great option for your kitchen or dining room, situated right above the table. Chandeliers can make your space feel classier and add a touch of opulence while staying true to that farmhouse feel. Farmhouse chandeliers also tend to be more simplistic, which is perfect for those on a budget. 

Bathroom Lighting

Bathrooms commonly have two principle lighting fixture options: vanity lights or recessed lights. Wall sconces are also an option for the bathroom, but they tend to not be as popular when it comes to lighting the vanity. Vanity lighting with a farmhouse flare is very easy to channel and it’ll primarily be a matter of choosing a fixture that best complements your bathroom overall. Again, casing is always an option, but when it comes to farmhouse, bare light bulbs will tie into most, if not all styles quite nicely. If you opt in for the casing route, then find a finish or style that matches other accessories in your bathroom, and make sure that your vanity lights aren’t too big because they may overwhelm the mirror. Bigger bathrooms may require more lighting apart from the lighting centered around the mirror, so recessed lights are a great option. These lights fit into a hollow space on your ceiling and are known to make your space feel bigger. Keep in mind that recessed lights are not a bathroom-only light fixture as vanity lights are known for. Recessed lights also work great in kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms as we’ll see next.  

Living Room and Bedroom Lighting

When it comes to the living room and bedroom, farmhouse style isn’t as specific as it is in the kitchen and bathroom. If you’re looking for some added light for your farmhouse living room or bedroom, then definitely consider recessed lights as mentioned earlier. If you want to take it up a notch and truly channel that farmhouse style, then refer back to chandeliers, wall sconces, and consider adding lamps. Hanging light fixtures such as chandeliers work beautifully in a living room and serve as a focal point. In a bedroom, it may be more complicated to find the perfect chandelier because you’ll need to take size and wall height into consideration. In the living room, wall sconces hung on each side of your fireplace work great; in the bedroom, wall sconces on each side of your bed work great. Lamps are the perfect finishing touch to add to these rooms as well, whether it’s a floor lamp or a lamp on your nightstand. 

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting your outdoor space means finding fixtures that complement your door frame and other outdoor elements. Lanterns and wall sconces on each side of your door are your best bet when it comes to outdoor farmhouse lighting.  Another popular farmhouse lighting fixture for the outdoors is a barn light. This option really ties in proper lighting aesthetics and farmhouse style elements to light up your porch or patio. They can be hung on each side of your door or along the wall depending on your outdoor setup and they tend to be dimmer than sconces or lanterns.

Facets of Lafayette carries a wide assortment of lighting fixtures and we’d be happy to help you see your farmhouse vision through. Contact us today to learn more about our showroom floor or to speak with an expert member of our team about your farmhouse lighting ideas. 

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