Outdoor Kitchen Appliances – Grilling Made Easy – Coyote Asado Ceramic Grill

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Outdoor Kitchen Appliances – Grilling Made Easy – Coyote Asado Ceramic Grill

With football season quickly approaching, it may be time to upgrade the outdoor kitchen appliances that you are currently using.  If you are looking for a specific outdoor kitchen appliance to instantly augment your dinner socials or pre-game parties, then perhaps a new grill is the appliance for you. When searching for the perfect grill, get creative! A brand that we have come to love is Coyote Outdoor Living due to their devotion to the grilling experience and overall quality appliance construction. Coyote Outdoor Living’s brand is passionate about life outdoors and it is definitely shown in one of their most popular grills: the Coyote Asado Ceramic Grill. 

Shaped like an egg, the grill is a kamado-style grill which is sure to draw the attention of everyone at your party. The grill features built-in folding wood side shelves which make it easy to keep grilling tools nearby or other grilling essentials, such as condiments and seasoning. Durability is a key feature that is emphasized throughout the grill; the ceramic construction of the Coyote grill retains heat and keeps temperatures consistent, making for the perfect grilling experience every time! With a dual-vent airflow system, controlling temperatures within the grill is an easy feat and requires less fire tending than traditional smokers. Lastly, the grill features a diamond laser cut signature cooking grate, which paves the way for exceptional sear marks on your food. 

The best way to ring in the fall season may be with a new grill! Let Coyote Outdoor Living impress you with a grilling experience unlike any other.  

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