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August 7, 2019
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September 5, 2019

LED lighting is a beautiful and smart way to spruce up any outdoor area. Outdoor LED lights tend to be less expensive than fluorescents, conserve more on energy, and offer a stronger, more vibrant color than traditional lights. Backyard patios and porches alike allow us to take in all that nature has to offer that just can’t be obtained from the indoors; lighting has always been an essential component to indoor decor and the outdoors should be no different. Our spaces outdoors allow for a different form of peace and relaxation, away from our giant TV screens and the sweet A/C that is essential during Louisiana summers. When designing your space outdoors, relaxation and functionality must come together to create the perfect zone, and when searching for proper lighting, we strongly suggest purchasing LED lights.  

LED lighting offers a few key benefits when compared to traditional lighting. The most notable advantage is how long LEDs last compared to other lighting sources, with the average LED lasting from 50,000 hours to over 100,000! Less frequent replacement allows you to worry less about purchasing new bulbs. LED lights also operate well in both hot and cold temperatures, which may come in handy during Louisiana’s intense summer heat and short, mild winters. Perhaps our personal favorite, LED lighting is very flexible when it comes to design and composition. Whether you’re looking to add a few lanterns to your outdoor space, or maybe just a few strings of bulbs along your fence, LED lights have become so popular that they are essentially available in any form, style, and fashion.  

Everyone’s outdoor space is different and lighting is an essential component to upgrading your area. When searching for outdoor lighting, be sure to keep in mind the key advantages of LED lights.

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