Our Top 3 Picks when it comes to Kitchen Lighting

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Our Top 3 Picks when it comes to Kitchen Lighting

Lighting up your kitchen with the right fixtures may take some time to perfect. With so many options to choose from, here are our top 3 picks for kitchen lighting:

Pendant Lights

While pendant lights are known to be pretty versatile in any room, they tend to work best in a kitchen. Situated right above the snack bar, sink, or dinner table, pendant lights emit just the right amount of lighting to bring your kitchen to a whole new level. Pendant lights can be simple or more complex depending on the overall look of your kitchen. In order to choose the pendant light that works best for your space, determine the theme you want your kitchen to convey. If you’re trying to go in the direction of modern minimalism, perhaps choose a pendant light that brings focus to the bulb primarily. A bulb surrounded by a spherical glass is the perfect mix of both modern and minimalism. If you’re looking to convey a more defined theme, such as farmhouse, then search for a pendant light that focuses on the casing rather than the bulb.  


A chandelier itself can technically be classified as a pendant light, but they tend to be more grand, opulent, and intricate. We appreciate the extra length that chandeliers go in order to perfect the luminance of a room. Chandeliers are great conversation pieces and when placed in the right spot in your kitchen, they can tie the space together like no other fixture can. When choosing a chandelier, search for an option that doesn’t overbear your kitchen, but acts as a beautiful addition to it. 

Recessed lights

Perhaps the most simple of them all, recessed lights can be used by themselves, or in addition to pendant lights or chandeliers. No theme for you kitchen? No problem! Recessed lights are installed in hollow spaces, which brings more lighting to your kitchen without having to focus on any key design elements. Recessed lights allow for a clean and natural look for the kitchen and are great for opening up spaces to look and feel bigger.  

Don’t be afraid to mix and match your options, such as using a chandelier as the kitchen’s center-piece and placing recessed lights above your table tops (and even underneath your cabinets) for a visually appealing glow. The importance of kitchen lighting is only increasing as our kitchens get more complex over time. Making your kitchen bright and luminous with the right lighting will make any house a home in no time!

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