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When you are remodeling your kitchen, your main focus is usually on the focal points–the sink, the gathering area, the lighting structures, etc. One commonly overlooked feature is your tile floors and backsplashes. Though they may not always be in the eyesight of you and your guests, it is important that your tile makes as much of a statement as other bold pieces in your kitchen. You also need your tile to be functional and durable. But with so many choices on the market, how do you know what tile is best for your kitchen remodel? Let’s go through a few features you will want to look for in the tile choices available so you can prepare when shopping at tile stores near you.


The first factor to consider is the location of your tile. There are differences you will want to note if you are using the tile for your floors versus your backsplash area. If you are looking for tiles for your backsplash, you do not need to worry too much about the durability of the tile. These tiles are used more for decoration rather than for functionality. Because of this, you can use glass, ceramic, and other, less durable tile options for your backsplash. It will, of course, not take the traffic like your floors will need to. Those tiles should be made of vinyl, cork, bamboo, and other sturdy materials, as they will need to withstand the daily traffic of the people in your home and kitchen.


Price will be your second sticking point when searching for tile. Of course, there will be cheap options available, and there will be more expensive options. The key to finding the best price for the tile you need is to have done your full research on the products prior to purchasing. You want to make sure that you have compared pricing and availability before going into a store and being pressured to buy a product you may not like as much. Also, knowing how much square footage you need will help save you from overbuying. Lastly, consider buying from tile stores near you that sell in bulk that can offer you extra savings.


A third point to consider is the durability and cleanability of the tile you choose. This moreso matters with the tiles for your floors, as they will take more direct contact. Those tiles will be labeled as such–floor tiles, and they may sometimes have a raised pattern that will give your floors more grip. Consider ceramic tiles, as they are easy to clean and quite durable as well.


A final aspect to consider is the current style of your kitchen. You want your tile backsplash and/or floors to accent your current style and add dimension to what you have in place. If you have plain colors in your kitchen, consider a bold backsplash tile or floor tile for a pop of color and/or pattern. However, if the opposite is true, and your kitchen has plenty of bold statement pieces, consider a neutral or single color tile to add cohesion to your space. Ultimately, you will want to match the theme of your kitchen without being a distraction.

Your kitchen tile, whether as a backsplash or as a floor, can make or break the design of your space. When buying tile for this space, be sure to consider the following: location of the tile, price, durability, and style. Though they may not be the focal point of your kitchen, you want them to compliment your kitchen in a stylish way. 

If you have any questions regarding the type, style, or durability of the tile you need for your kitchen, ask the professionals at Facets of Lafayette. Their knowledge of all things kitchen and appliances can help guide you to the perfect tile for your kitchen space.

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