Brightening Your Home With Trendy Light Fixtures

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February 26, 2021
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March 5, 2021
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Brightening Your Home With Trendy Light Fixtures

In the new year, resolutions and hopes for the year ahead come and go like the wind. However, your new year goals do not have to be fleeting if you are looking to bring new life into your home. By installing strategic and stylish lighting fixtures throughout your home, you are able to bring style, functionality, and ambiance that can increase the splendor of your home. The following structures and styles are trending this year, and you can utilize these in your home to bring a positive energy and innovation to begin your new year!

Make it the focal point

In 2021, it is time to make lighting more than just a useful tool. In making a light fixture more of a focal point in the space, you can bring in your specific style into a space with a functionality that no longer needs to be separated. With bold and striking pieces becoming more popular, you can use these pieces as starting points for the style of the room instead of a piece needing to match the rest. Use this opportunity to bring in a striking, geometric chandelier, a bold-colored hanging light fixture, or another trendy piece!

Nature Themed Lighting

Another trend on the rise this year is nature-themed lighting fixtures. Bringing a bit of the outdoors into your home, you can blur the line between the beauty of the outside world and the stylishness of your home. Some common elements of those pieces can include wood grain and/or branch-like extensions and floral prints. Whether you choose wall sconces, hanging fixtures, or any other type of lighting, there are ways to incorporate the rustic and organic attraction of the wild.

Go bold

A new year can bring renewed hope and wonder. In the same way, bold colors and patterns can provide striking style and mood-affecting qualities. The science of color can be mood-altering; darker colors are associated with peace, ambiance, romance, and power whereas brighter colors are associated with passion, happiness, energy, and growth. With this in mind, colors can be brought in to invoke those certain emotions in the best way. Patterns, likewise, can bring boldness and uniqueness to your lighting structure to draw attention to certain areas, bringing in your unique style.

Take it back with the lava lamp

Believe it or not, the classic lamp of the 80’s–the lava lamp–is making its way back into popular lighting trends! The brightly colored, eccentric lamp ties into a recent increase in retro-styled lighting and can bring a new dimension to a room. A colored wax mixture floats through a lit lamp with the interior water to produce a moving ambiance of bright colors.

Brass Fixtures

With a subtle elegance, brass fixtures are becoming ever-more in demand for homes around the country. Brass fixtures can be either matte or lustrous, matching with a natural style of the existing space. This trend is quickly overtaking the previous love for chrome and stainless styles. It brings homeowners an affordable option to elevate their lighting style, providing a warmer feel and can compliment a wide range of colors and other patterns that may be present in the home. Whether it is just the brass fixtures or entire brass lighting structures, this interior metal can quickly transform a space!

A change in lighting style is an easy way to revamp your home’s feel and ambiance. Whether it is with a new bright color or pattern, statement geometrical piece, or other unique fixture, a new style can bring your new year to the next level!

If you are interested in bringing in an eye-catching lighting fixture into your space, the product specialists at Facets of Lafayette are ready to serve you and guide you in purchasing the best lighting options for your specific space!

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