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June 4, 2020
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When shopping for your plumbing appliances, kitchen faucets may not be very high on your priority list. But your kitchen faucet choice can be essential, especially if you spend a lot of time in your kitchen cooking or entertaining with others. It may be a small detail, but your choice in faucet can make a big difference in your kitchen space. Knowing the types of faucets can help you decide which one would be best for your family’s needs. But truly, how many types of faucets are there? Do you know which one you need? Facets of Lafayette has plenty of kitchen faucets displays to help you visualize that faucet setup in your space. Stop by and transform your kitchen with one simple step!

Like other aspects of our homes, over the years, kitchen faucets have been innovated to cater to different needs in the kitchen. The days of only one basic type of faucet are over! But how many types of kitchen faucets are there? Here are some of the most common types:

  • Pull-out
  • Pull-down
  • Single Handle
  • Dual Handle
  • Commercial
  • Pot filler
  • Separate/Side Spray
  • Motion Detected

Types and Details of Faucets:

Pull Out FaucetPull-out faucets are great for deep sinks and are commonly the most aesthetically pleasing faucet type. They can extend fully into the base of the sink, reaching all sides and the bottom of the sink bowl. This can be a great feature if you have a bigger sink! You can put the water precisely where you want it within the basin and reach even the most difficult crevasses.  Some negatives, though, are that these faucets tend to take up more vertical space, as the neck of the sink extends further than other faucet types. Also, the water pressure can decrease as the pull-down faucet extends. 

Pull Down FaucetPull-down faucets are fairly similar to the pull-out faucets. However, pull-down faucets, in contrast to pull-out faucets, only spray in a downward fashion, becoming an extension of the faucet. This extension is not best for hollow sinks, and it can limit the reach across a larger sink. But the pull-down faucets are an excellent choice for deeper sinks, as with the pull-out faucets. The outer corners of the sink may be more difficult to reach, but for a smaller, deeper sink, this faucet is ideal.

Bathroom sink faucetSingle handle faucets control the temperature of the water output with only one handle. This handle is usually moved upward or downward to control the pressure, while also moved left and right to control the temperature of the water. This type of faucet is usually the best seller at the local plumbing supply stores because of its ease and simplicity. These faucets are fairly low-priced inexpensive to repair, making them ideal for the general home kitchen. Though they can be quite reliable and easy to use, the water temperature can take time to change to your liking.

Bathroom sink faucetDual handle faucets control the water temperature by a left and a right handle for hot and cold water, respectively. In the same fashion as the single handle faucet, the dual handle can require only one hole to install but can also be found in two-hole installation options as well. This faucet has a very classic look. However, because it has dual handles, should one handle malfunction or break, it may be costly to replace the entire faucet. It can also be a burden for those who wish to get the precise temperature having to maneuver both handles precisely. However, for the common kitchen, a dual handle faucet is a great option!

Commercial Kitchen FaucetCommercial faucets are designed for a restaurant or commercial kitchen or sink. These faucets are made in a bigger size to accommodate the hotel’s or restaurant’s needs with a larger sink space. They come is various styles, but they can also be a perfect fit in your home. Unlike a common faucet, the commercial faucets can produce higher water pressures and volumes, allowing more cleaning or filling to be done in a shorter time. These can also be more technologically savvy, but they can cost you a pretty penny! 

The pot filler faucet is self-explanatory. This faucet is ideally used to fill large and deep pots within a restaurant or other commercial-type setting. This requires a deep sink and is not best suited for the everyday kitchen. It is usually mounted on the wall instead of the sink and can swivel around the area to fill pots wherever necessary.

Faucets with a separate or side sprayer are common in most kitchens. The separate sprayer allows for specific direction of the water into a specific area, but also has the usual spout in the faucet as well. The sprayer can also move in a full 360 degrees, so the range of motion is doubled from the usual faucet! The faucet and side sprayer usually use the same water pipe to produce water, so that simplifies the installation process. However, there is a high risk of water splashing in areas in which you do not want water. The side sprayer, when at high pressure, can be a bit unruly. However, if you are looking for a faucet setup that can be customized for both faucet and spraying usage, then this would be a great choice for your kitchen!

If you are looking for a more technological faucet, the motion-censored faucet may be your best option. There is a lever on the faucet to control the temperature of the output, but the faucet itself is turned on by simply placing your hands or a pot/dish underneath the faucet within the sensor’s range. A downfall, however, can be that the sensor is not always sensitive. It can take a few passes of the hand underneath to start the water. Also, the water can stop and start as the sensor reads the area. If you have a deeper or larger sink, it may not always read the dish underneath. This faucet can be expensive, but it does not require you to turn handles to turn on, reducing the spread of germs. This is always a plus for your kitchen area. 

Facets of Lafayette has a large assortment of faucet displays for you to look at and envision in your space. Whether it’s a motion-detected faucet or a single handle faucet, your personal preference and needs takes priority. Stop in and see how the experts at Facets of Lafayette can help you find your ideal faucet for your home!

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