3 Tips for Lighting Your Bathroom

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Are you on the search for the latest and greatest light fixtures for your bathroom? Whether it’s a home renovation project, or just a quick and easy upgrade to a more modern fixture, adding some new lighting fixtures to your bathroom will undeniably spruce up your space. As your local kitchen and bath supply store located in Lafayette, we are always ready to help you find the light fixtures that speak to you, and that makes you excited to utilize your space. Here are three tips to keep in mind on your journey to finding your new favorite bathroom light fixtures:

#1 – Layer the lighting in your bathroom 

We’re sure everyone has heard about the importance of layering light in your bathroom, commonly due to the fact that the bathroom is one of the smallest spaces in the house— at least compared to the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. Due to its size, people typically avoid adding substantial light in the bathroom. Vanity lighting is one of the most popular choices, but it shouldn’t just end there. Bathrooms can benefit from so many different light choices, including sconces, pendants, recessed lighting, flush mount lighting, and even chandeliers when it’s done right! 

Layering your bathroom lighting simply means bringing in different forms of lighting, particularly ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. For starters, here are the differences between the three: 

  • Ambient lighting is generally the main source of light— think normal room lights. It can also be light that is already present in the room, such as natural daylight.
  • Task lighting, as the name suggests, is geared more toward certain tasks or projects. Vanity lights are a great example because they are placed above a mirror, which is typically used when someone is putting on makeup, combing their hair, brushing their teeth, etc… These are all tasks that require some source of light. 
  • Accent lighting is mainly just for show, or to highlight something else. This can be a beautiful designer lamp or sconces that illuminate your wall art. 

 So when it comes to the bathroom, will you need all three? Not necessarily depending on the bathroom’s size. But larger, more complex bathrooms can absolutely benefit from all three. A lighting showroom is the perfect place to get answers to all of your layered lighting questions.   

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#2 – Install a dimmer switch

A great idea for your bathroom that you may not think of right off the bat is installing a dimmer switch. This can be purchased at most plumbing supply stores and works great to change the lighting, depending on certain factors. For example, you may want brighter light in the morning with your morning ritual, whether you’re doing your makeup, getting ready for work, or just need some brighter lights to wake you up!

The nighttime, which may be more suitable for dimmer, darker lighting during your bath or shower, can easily be done with the flick of a switch. These handy dimmer switches conveniently work to ensure that your bathroom is lit for whatever time or occasion that you desire, and they are available for incandescent, fluorescent, and LED lighting. Dimmers truly give you complete control over the ambiance of your bathroom and basically any other space, so contact your local lighting stores to learn more.  

#3 – Match your light fixtures to existing finishes

If you have absolutely no idea where to begin when it comes to choosing bathroom light fixtures, then take a look at your existing plumbing supply finishes. Think about your showerhead, sink faucet, or even your towel holder. Are they all the same finish? Chrome, stainless, bronze, and brass are just a few of the options possible for your plumbing fixtures finishes. With that in mind, do your light fixtures complement these supplies? Or do they clash when it comes to the bathroom’s overall design aesthetic?

As a rule of thumb, it’s always a good idea to match your light fixtures to any other finishes in your bathroom. If you plan on hanging a sconce on each side of your mirror for instance, then your bathroom will have a more cohesive look to it if the sconces match the existing bathroom accessories. Although matching existing finishes to light fixtures serve as a safe possibility, there is also the opportunity to mix finishes. If you desire to mix instead of matching, then stay in the bounds of mixing at least two, but no more than four finishes in each room. Search through magazines, blogs, and social media for design inspiration, and always feel free to reach out to the staff at your local lighting store for advice.  

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Lighting, as with most home design elements, is all about balance. A home or lighting showroom is a great place to get advice and your questions answered, as well as see the fixtures up-close. Contact us today so that we can get your bathroom lit with the fixtures of your dreams. 

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