The Best Type of Lighting for Every Room in Your House

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The Best Type of Lighting for Every Room in Your House

Lighting fixtures can be easily overlooked, but one of the most important details of the room. The right lighting adds a stylish look and contributes to the overall interior design of your spaces, while the wrong lighting can stick out like a sore thumb. As easy as it would be to just pick out which fixture you like the most, there are more details to take into consideration. Facets of Lafayette is your premier lighting store and always ready to help transform your living spaces. Read on as our team reveals the best quality light fixtures and statement pieces for every room. We hope to provide tips and tricks on how to best light up your whole home.

Dining Room

This is typically where your most prominent light fixture lives. From beautiful chandeliers to rustic farmhouse options, many homeowners want to make a statement while making sure this family space provides enough lighting. For installation, make sure your light fixture is about 33 inches above your table, if you have 8 foot ceilings. If your dining room is painted with a darker color, you will need to choose a light bulb with more lumens. This is because darker walls will reflect less light.

Living Room

This is a multi-dimensional space that needs lighting for multiple scenarios. Track lighting can work great in this room so you easily change the light at your discretion, from visiting with family in the middle of the day, to movie night ambiance. Also consider adding lamps in this living space, which can help with adding more light for certain activities.


Lighting here is important, especially to assist with using countertops for cutting, cooking and other various kitchen functions. There is a reason why sinks have typically been placed near windows–this was to help more natural light filter in. For a basic lighting plan in your kitchen, consider a central fixture, lighting over the sink, and if possible, under cabinet lighting. This will create the ideal kitchen workspace and enough lighting to be functional.


This can be a tricky room to perfect. We probably have all experienced looking in the mirror with bad lighting – this is one room you don’t want to skimp out on. It sometimes can also be a challenge due to the large amount or large size of mirrors. To avoid this, adjustable scones can be a safe bathroom pick, as well as making sure your bulbs are “bright light”.


This may be an area that you forget about, but it is still an important place for fixtures. You could consider this space for some light sconces, or maybe one decorative piece. This isn’t an area that you necessarily need bright light, so you can elect for a warmer bulb.


There are a couple of things you need to consider when purchasing outside lighting. You will want to pick a type that will be weather resistant, has a lengthy cord and may even be controlled by remote. Typically warm bulbs are chosen for outside to create the ideal ambience.

If you would like to continue the conversation, check out our other post on how to choose the correct lighting.

Light Your Rooms at Facets

Facets is your leading lighting store in Lafayette to find the most stylish, affordable and functional fixtures. Each customer has a different design concept and needs, and we are happy to help you find what will make your space shine. We pride ourselves on our variety of lighting options, and encourage you to take a look at some of our examples. We carry ceiling light fixtures for indoor and outdoor, pendant light fixtures, wall light fixtures, LED lighting, vanity lights and more. Visit our store or contact us to discuss your needs and dreams, and our experienced team will be happy to join you in the process.

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