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May 27, 2020
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Which Kitchen Faucet Should You Choose?
June 19, 2020

Our showroom floor is home to a variety of brands that offer the latest and greatest plumbing fixtures in Lafayette, LA. Before you ask Siri or Alexa to find “home showrooms near me,” it is incredibly beneficial to learn about the most popular trends in homes around the country. Whether it’s plumbing fixtures or kitchen appliances, consumer trends in design and brand preference allow for an easier choice when it comes to picking the right products for your home. As brands continue to innovate, trends will continue to rise. Starting simple, trends in kitchen faucets include hidden hose pullouts, kitchen faucet accessories, and possibly the most important, smart technology. 

Hidden Pullouts

Functionality is at the forefront of faucets that feature these popular hidden pullouts. Also commonly referred to as pulldowns, pullouts are a smart innovation that makes washing dishes a simpler task, while at the same time ensuring that your faucet has the design aesthetic sought after. The faucets allow for a long-range hose to emerge from the spray head of your faucet and they are commonly locked in place while not in use by a strong magnet. Delta, for example, uses MagnaTite Docking which is a powerfully integrated magnet that snaps each faucet into place. Other brands such as Kohler (which uses DockNetik) have their own magnetic innovations to ensure that the pullout doesn’t sag, dangle, or decrease in quality over time. Accessibility is another quality that these pullouts allow users to take advantage of, as the hoses offer 360° motion for cleaning dishes or even the sink itself. And don’t worry about any kinks or tangles as you would with an outdoor hose; these brands ensure that usability is easy and flawless. 

Kitchen Faucet Accessories

The most popular accessory to the kitchen sink is a soap dispenser. These small yet mighty accessories work great to complement the faucet. Although stand-alone soap dispensers can be purchased at any popular retail store, having one that is built into your sink, as well as one that carries the same finish as your sink faucet can really make your sink pop. Glass cleaners can also be integrated into your sink, as seen with Delta’s popular Glass Rinsers. These rinsers are used to combat hard-to-clean glassware and ensure a spotless clean every time! Although these are more so seen in the commercial industry, such as restaurants and bars, they can work great in an indoor or outdoor kitchen setting as well if you’re the type to entertain at home. Baby bottles, wine glasses, or your favorite coffee mug can all be cleaned effectively with this convenient accessory.  

Smart Faucet Technology

We’ve all heard the phrase, “work smarter, not harder,” and this couldn’t be more true, even in the plumbing fixture industry! Consumers are becoming increasingly smarter and more aware when it comes to where and what they spend their money on. For this reason, brands such as Delta and Kohler are releasing the smartest faucets on the market. Kohler’s Sensate smart faucet features voice-activated technology via the Kohler Konnect app so that you can easily tell your faucet how much water you need. Delta takes on a stronger approach when it comes to faucet technology. They too have their own line of voice-activated faucets through their VoiceIQ technology. Delta’s “Touch-On Touch-Off” faucet with Touch2o technology allows a no-hands approach to turning your water on and off. The infamous Diamond Seal Technology reduces leaks and lasts twice as long as the industry standard. And one of the newest technologies to emerge from Delta is their ShieldSpray technology, which has the goal of reducing splatters and messes in the kitchen sink. This technology works by creating a globe or bulb-like setting for the water stream, thereby lowering splatters.  Although we primarily mentioned Kohler and Delta when it comes to kitchen faucet trends, there are multiple other brands that are making moves to provide the best faucet in your kitchen. From Moen’s MotionSense Touchless Faucets to Brizo’s chic Pull-Down Faucets, there is a brand that will work for everyone depending on style, budget, and benefit sought. To learn more about kitchen trends on the rise or to browse our showroom floor, contact us today!

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