Shining Light on Your Home: What Type is Best?

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Your home is likely the place in which you will spend most of your life. You will share that space with loved ones, and many cherished memories will take place within those walls. The right light can truly transform a space, so choosing a lighting option is crucial in setting the tone of your home. From ambient lighting to recessed lighting, what lighting option is best for your home? What does each type of lighting accomplish, and what can it do for your spaces? Let’s dive into each type, and you can decide!

Natural Light

If you are looking for lighting that can put more “natural” light into your home, architectural lighting may be your best bet. This type of lighting can bring a natural light feel into a space that may not have direct access to a window or other form of sunlight. If you have a ledge or a high shelf in your home, you can use cove lighting to have light bounced towards the ceiling or an upper wall. This will give you light in the area without having light directly down onto the space. Also, you can use soffit lighting to cast light on a wall or other vertical surface downward instead of upward. Alternatively, you can mount a valance (wood, metal, or glass) above a window or high on a wall and install lights within it that casts light both upward and downward in the space. All three of these lighting structures can bring brightness into a space that mimics natural light. This can give your room the feel of the sun shining through a window without the heat or sunlight needed.

Make Your Space Feel Bigger

If you are looking for lighting options that make your space feel bigger with less bulky hardware than traditional lighting, recessed lighting may be your solution! Recessed lighting is usually installed inside the ceiling with an opening that is flush with the ceiling. This way, you do not have any hardware hanging or sticking out lower than your ceiling. You will need at least 5 or 6 inches of clearance above your ceiling for this type of lighting. You will also need to make sure that the area is insulated, as you do not want condensation from your attic dripping into the light fixture. When installed, recessed lighting sends a beam of light in a specific direction. This can sometimes be customized as the owner sees fit. This type of lighting is good for task lighting or accent lighting within your home or space.

Highlight Your Space

If you are looking for a lighting style to highlight the best parts of your room that may change from season to season, track lighting is the way to go! This type of lighting consists of housing that contains several light heads that can be re-positioned as the owner desires. Track lighting can be used for task lighting but is usually purposed for accent lighting for wall art, furniture, or specific features within the space.

Double-duty as Decor

If you are looking for a lighting style that has beautiful hardware options that can be a centerpiece of a room or home, pendant lighting will bring in such beauty. Usually suspended from the ceiling, pendant lighting (chandelier or other hanging light structure) directs its light downward upon a table, kitchen island, or other main feature/gathering space. This type of lighting can drastically enhance the decorative style within the space. If you want a focus piece in your home, this would be it! Along with style and decor, pendant lighting can provide ambient and/or task lighting within your space.


If you are looking for a simpler style of lighting that can bring warmth and a farm-like feel into your home, farmhouse lighting is the latest trend! This type of lighting embodies soul and warmth and can bring both into the space. The materials used in this type of lighting usually consist of worn woods and oil-rubbed metals with a second-hand look to them. They can also have a high contrast of light and dark colors, which works best on neutral palettes. This new style of lighting is the best mix of old and new styles!

When it comes to styles of outdoor lighting, there are multiple options available for you. Not only can your home be adorned with beautiful lighting, but the same can apply to your outdoor space. Choose from any of the following options, and you will have a beautiful space to enjoy with others or alone in peace:

  • String Lights
  • Hurricanes and Lanterns
  • Pendant Lights
  • Flush Lights
  • Sconces

Lighting can be a focal point within your home. Whether you want to draw focus to a specific area or to a specific piece of furniture or décor, lighting can make or break it. Depending on the type of lighting you choose, you can bring more natural light or artificial light into a room. You can also have control of where the light comes and where the light is directed. If you are looking for a solution to your lighting needs, Facets of Lafayette will gladly answer your questions and guide you in the right direction. Some lighting stores may just want a sale, but Facets wants your trust. Let Facets light up your day and light up your home!

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