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Get Your Patio Summer-Ready with New Tile Options!

With summer just around the corner, it is time to get your patio looking like new again! New patio furniture and decorations can liven up your outdoor area, but new tile can truly bring new life to your space! With so many tile options, both new and old, you can easily transform your outdoor space from drab to fab! You will want to be conscious of, however, the type of tile that you purchase and install in your outdoor area. You will want your tile to be able to withstand the harsh conditions of the weather and foot traffic, yet still look beautiful year after year. Consider one of the following types of tile for your outdoor patio remodel this summer!

Natural Stone Tile

Natural stone tile is a great and popular option for your patio area. Consisting of granite, marble, slate, limestone, and other similar tile material, this type of tile has proven to be extremely sturdy and durable, perfect for your outdoor area.

  • Granite: Tile made of granite is one of the most popular options on the market today. Known for its durability and strength, granite tile is the perfect option for patios that are exposed to various weather conditions. Because of its resistance to cracking and buckling, it is a great option for environments that have constantly changing temperatures and/or weather conditions–a GREAT choice for South Louisiana! Granite tile also comes in several color schemes and styles that can match your aesthetic.
  • Marble: Marble tile is another great option for your patio area. Not as hard as granite, marble tiles will need a little extra help from some tile sealant to become less porous. However, marble tile is extremely slip-resistant, which makes it an exceptional choice for outdoor areas that see a lot of foot traffic. Even in wet or damp conditions, this tile will remain safe. Also, marble is known for its unique coloring and marbling, appealing to stylish homeowners across the country and the world.
  • Slate: If you are looking for a softer tile with more visual interest, then slate may be your best option. Though not as hard as other tile options, slate can still withstand tough conditions to which it may be exposed to on your patio. It’s uniqueness speaks to homeowners looking for a tile floor or tiled surface that is unlike any other. The earthy hues of the slate tile can bring a natural look to your patio, truly blending the styles of the indoor and the outdoor together.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile, most popular in kitchens across the country, can also be used for your patio! Its sturdiness makes it a fine contender for patio floors, providing a non-porous structure without running the risk of cracking. Porcelain tile is also fade-resistant, so do not be afraid to install this tile where the sun shines! Another perk of this type of tile is that porcelain tile comes in various styles. The matte styles of this tile type provide extra grip, which is extra beneficial for patio floors. Lastly,porcelain tile is waterproof, therefore, SUPER easy to clean–just spray it off with the hose and you are ready for the next party!

Wood or Composite Wood Tile

Wood tile may not be your first thought when debating on what type of tile to use for your patio, but think again! This is a cheaper option for those homeowners that are looking for a way to merge the styles of their indoor spaces into their outdoor space. Wood tiles are extremely tough and able to withstand the beating that outdoor floors can receive. They are also naturally decay, bug, and fire-resistant, which eliminates the need for worry and various chemicals. With minimal maintenance needed, consider wood tiles this summer!

If you have any questions regarding the tile on your patio or other outdoor space, stop by Facets of Lafayette! With several brands and makes to choose from, Facets will be your one-stop tile store near you for all of your summer patio needs!

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