Essential Outdoor Kitchen Appliances You Need for Spring and Summer

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Essential Outdoor Kitchen Appliances You Need for Spring and Summer

Home appliances, specifically kitchen appliances, have become one of the most crucial elements of our home. They not only contribute to the overall flow, look and feel of your home, but most are used everyday – sometimes 24 hours a day. It’s important that these crucial home elements be efficient, long lasting and durable. Facets represents many brands and has a fantastic selection of home and kitchen appliances that will complement your personal style and design choices. Whether you are replacing your Samsung refrigerator or adding a full outdoor kitchen on to your home, Facets is the place for you. Our beautiful showroom will help you envision the way these appliances will fit within your home decor and our consultants can advise and make recommendations if you’re not quite sure. Contact us to make an appointment with our showroom consultants or simply stop by at 3201 Ambassador Caffery.

It’s that time of year again! It is time to get your outdoor space ready for entertaining friends and family. Whether you are looking for a new grill or an oven, there is something for everyone at Facets of Lafayette! We have the perfect selection of outdoor kitchen appliances to suit any style of cooking. From stainless steel grills and wood stoves to electric ovens and even a mini- fridge, we have everything you need in one place. There are a few essential items you will want to consider for your outdoor area. Here are just a few of those:

Having an outdoor grill has many benefits. It can be used as a grilling surface, grill or pan with its own set or grill accessories. Outdoor grilling also comes with a variety of different features that make it ideal for grilling. Whether you prefer a gas grill or a charcoal grill, we have all the tools you need to cook your favorite meals. With an increase in grill technology, your outdoor grill equipment c space, there are plenty of choices available in the do more than ever before. With upgrades such as Bluetooth thermometers and Wifi, to griddle attachments and smoker attachments, you can upgrade your grill game to the next level at Facets!

Additional Burner/Cooker

Having additional space in your outdoor kitchen is key to getting the most out of the space. With an additional burner and/or cooker, such as a smoker or griddle, you can get more cooking surface to do more things at once. Cold food will be a thing of the past when it comes to grilling meats and vegetables. This new technology has been around for years, and more and more consumers are taking advantage of this extra addition in their outdoor spaces.


Your kitchen would not be complete without a refrigerator, so your outdoor space should have one too! No more going back and forth into your home to retrieve things from or save away things in your fridge. This way, your meal prep can be done and within an arm’s length of your cooking space, making grilling a breeze! Similarly, you can use this fridge to store drinks and other goodies that need to stay cold. Make your outdoor kitchen as useful as your indoor kitchen with the space and convenience of an outdoor refrigerator!

Storage Options

One can never have enough storage space. The best thing about an outdoor kitchen is that it has all the essentials needed for great food preparation, and having a place to store them is key! Whether that be cabinetry, rolling carts, shelving, or any other type of additional space, there are plenty of choices available in the market. Having room to store your cooking supplies, decorative linens and decorations, and other outdoor necessities, you are able to spend more time entertaining and less time searching for items inside your home or elsewhere!

Sinks/Plumbing/Water Source

A huge perk and necessity in your outdoor space is added plumbing. You can use this equipment to drain the sink, wash dishes and utensils, or even add some extra water to the pot. If you have this additional water station, you are able to use it in a similar way to the sink inside your home kitchen. You can include appliances such as different faucet layouts with upgraded technology, unique sink basins that fit or add to your style, and so much more!

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Whether you are a habitual entertainer outside or whether you are a newly introduced cook, installing these must-have appliances into your outdoor kitchen space will give you the upper hand and convenience you need to enjoy your time with less stress! Contact us or visit our showroom to check out the new and wide range of products that will make your spring and summer cookouts the BEST!

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