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Grill Upgrades

Having an outdoor grill is a staple of any outdoor space. Grilling is one of the most popular ways to enjoy your meals, but it’s also a great way to keep your guests engaged and entertained. In 2021, you’ll want to make sure that your outdoor grill is up to date with all the latest technology. If your outdoor grill isn’t up to date, then consider some of these upgrades:

Cast aluminum grates

Upgrading your current grill grates to cast-aluminum grates can bring your grilling to the next level! At a reasonable price point, you can increase the cook time of your food, increase your heat retention, and deliver a more even cooking surface for all of your dishes. Depressions in the grate allow for air flow and space to add smoking chips, imparting more flavor into your grilled food.

Wi-Fi-Controlled/ Bluetooth Heat Monitor

With an increase in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-capable appliances on the market, you can bring that same technology to your grilling space! Adding a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-controlled heat monitor can the temperature inside of your grill or smoker without needing to open the grill and lose that precious heat. The days of probing your meat with a thermometer and waiting for the temperature reading are gone! Save time and heat by installing a temperature monitor that you can check from your phone!

Side Burner

Adding a side burner or purchasing a grill with a side burner can be a great way to multitask more efficiently while entertaining. With a stove top at your fingertips, you no longer need to go in and out of the house tending to the stove and grill at the same time. You can easily monitor that dish on your side burner while grilling other items, cutting down on your preparation time as well.

Enhancing Your Space

The key to having a great outdoor space is to maximize the amount of space available. Whether it is a small or large area, making small changes can make a huge difference.

Prep Area

Outdoor grilling requires ample prep time. If your outdoor space lacks the space for you to prep your meals, getting a prep table can give you the space and storage you need to properly prep your food prior to your guests arriving.

Seating Area

If you are entertaining guests in your outdoor space, be sure to have plenty of seating to accommodate all of your guests. Having chairs and serving tables that are easily accessible is also important. Be sure to purchase weather-proof cushions and/or furniture so they are safe to leave outdoors.

Cooking Area

Making the most of your area for cooking is ideal. Be sure to use all available space, including corners and edges of your area, so the bulk of your space is open for gathering. Consider a grilling or cooking setup that can combine multiple appliances, such as grills, burners, and sinks, in one space.

Entertaining Area

The best way to entertain your guests is by using a variety of entertaining areas. You may want to include a fireplace or fire pit for warmth, a table area for serving, seating areas, and even a small bar for socializing. Try including as many types of entertainment to cater to all tastes.

In 2021, let’s spend more time outdoors than ever before! With the right upgrades, your improved outdoor kitchen space can be transformed into an amazing place to enjoy your favorite meals. Visit Facets of Lafayette for all your outdoor appliance needs.

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