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January 14, 2021
Outdoor Kitchen Essentials for 2021
Outdoor Kitchen Essentials for 2021
February 10, 2021

Now that 2020 is behind us (good riddance!), it is time for us to venture into 2021 with brighter optimism! Getting organized in the new year is a great way to start fresh, and a great way to do that is to update your home’s lighting. The lighting in your home is key to setting the mood within your space. Whether dim or bright, big or small, your lighting structures make a huge impact on the feel of your home. Here are some lighting ideas that can bring you into the new year with inspiration!

Physical Location of Lighting

The physical location of your lighting structures is key to bringing in the most light as possible. If your structure is blocked or cornered, the light may not reflect in the areas that you need. To solve this problem, make sure that your lighting source is directing uninhibited light in the places that you need. In 2021, there are options for you to bring in light while not having to worry about the physical placement of the light fixture.

If you are looking for a way to brighten your space but not have a lighting structure adding bulkiness or an unwanted look to the space, try installing hidden or invisible light sources. These types of lighting bring light into a space while keeping the hardware mostly hidden. For example, recessed lights are a great lighting option that can recess into the ceiling, but still provide dimmable and customizable light levels in your space. Another example is tray ceiling lighting. Tray ceiling lighting structures are 100% hidden, allowing only the light to come through. At the top of the walls, a soffit is built in which lights are installed and shown through a small gap. This ambient light option is great for those that need the light without the added décor. Portable lights are another option for those needed the utility aspect of light, but do not require a consistent physical structure, or need one that can move around the home. 

If you are looking for a light source in your room without wanting a vertical light structure, horizontal lighting is your ideal option! This type of lighting utilizes horizontal shelving or structures in use to house lighting, bringing ambient light without the added structures.

Lighting Shape and Color

The lighting trends in 2021 are focused on bringing unique shapes to your normal lighting structures. Commonly found in pendant light styles, the geometric patterns can bring a spark back into a space needed a small but effective focal point. Whether hexagonal, triangular, or even square, these lighting structures serve as works of art while remaining vitally functional. 

For example, a global ambient chandelier can bring beauty and shine into your living space and provides an ambient glow throughout the room. It also becomes the artistic focal point in a space that needs such.

For a unique spin on your lighting, try black lighting structures. While most homeowners stray from harsh colored lighting structures, bringing a bold structure into your home is an easy way to modernize your lighting without sacrificing the type of light being produced. 

Feel of Lighting

Lighting has been shown to drastically alter our moods, based on the output levels in our surroundings. Providing a warm, ambient glow in your home can bring a sense of calm and relaxation to even the busiest of homes. A quick and easy way to do that is to focus on the types of bulbs that you are using. Consider using a dimmable bulb or a warmer, incandescent bulb over an LED bulb. This small change can have a huge affect on the feel of your home and/or space. 

Another way to bring in a calmer, peaceful feel while still providing useful light is by incorporating nature-inspired lighting structures. These structures are made in the image or with the physical traits of the outdoors. Also known as organic-style lighting, this style can bring in organic materials such as wood and greeneries to fill the space with an outdoor feel. 

High Tech Lighting

If you are going into 2021 without any type of high-tech/smart device, you are one of the few! With all the advances in technology, we are now able to control every aspect of our home, including lighting, with our phones and/or smart home devices. Revamping your home with lights that react to the music you are playing or the mood you are feeling is the ultimate level of customization! Use this to your advance to dim the light in more intimate settings, turn on and off lights when you are away, and liven up a house party with different color lighting!

Goodbye 2020, and hello 2021! Let this new year be an opportunity for you to revamp the lighting in your home, and welcome in newer styles and flairs that bring out your personality! Visit Facets of Lafayette today to bring light to your 2021 vision!

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