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In your kitchen, the sink is arguably the most central appliance in terms of function. Whether it’s for washing dishes, rinsing fruits and vegetables, or simply washing your hands, the kitchen faucet is consistently used and thus, could benefit from innovation. Modern technology has innovated kitchen faucets in several critical ways across multiple brands. From touchless options to Wi-Fi-operated functioning and other features, upgrading your kitchen faucet can drastically improve the abilities of your kitchen space as well as adding a modern look. Several brands such as Delta, Kohler, and Moen now offer kitchen faucet technology in several categories. The following will be discussed:

  • Spray Technology
  • Physical Traits
  • Smart Technology
  • Touchless Technology

Spray Technology

The basic function of the kitchen faucet is to regulate water flow to use in the kitchen and around the home. However, brands are beginning to offer technology in their faucets that allow for customizable output levels, locations, and functions of the spray produced. 

To begin, Delta offers their customers a Shield Spray Technology, which boasts to reduce “an average of 90%…splatter.” At the press of a button on the faucet, the faucet produces a direct, central stream of water as well as producing a “shield” of water flow, preventing splashing. 

Kohler offers several spray technologies such as “BerrySoft,” “Ring,” and “Sweep.” The BerrySoft spray allows for delicate fruits and vegetables to be washed with the faucet without bruising. The Ring spray is like a regular faucet’s stream, allowing for everyday cleaning. Lastly, the Sweep spray gives the consumer an angled spray option to assist with removing tougher, stuck-on food from their dishes. 

Moen’s kitchen faucet technology offers “PowerClean” and “PowerBoost” technologies. Their PowerClean innovation offers more spraying power and cleaning force while also decreasing the splashing capability. Their PowerBoost innovation allows for quicker filling of containers while not compromising on spray power, saving the consumer energy at the sink.

Physical Traits

Faucet brands are also providing physical changes and innovations that are changing the faucet game! Delta and Kohler are providing similar magnetic docking technology in their kitchen faucets. Delta, with their “MagnaTite Docking,” keeps the head of the faucet precisely in place using a powerful magnet allowing for sturdiness and ease of removal at the same time. Kohler, with their “Docknetik Magnetic Docking System,” uses magnets to lock the head of the faucet when not in use. 

Kohler offers a “ProMotion” technology that utilizes a braided nylon faucet hose as well as a ball joint to increase to maneuverability of the hose and faucet head, broadening the once-limited water range without ruining the physical structure of the hose and/or faucet itself.

Lastly, Moen has a technology called “Reflex” that allows for the faucet hose to retract fully while keeping the features of their spray faucet head secure. 

Smart Technology

The world’s reliance on smart technology is ever-growing. This technology has proven its usefulness in multiple areas in our everyday lives, and it has now made its way into kitchen faucets! Delta and Moen both offer some type of smart technology in their newer kitchen faucets. Delta offers the VoiceIQ technology which links the faucet with your Wi-Fi connected home device (Alexa, Google Home, etc). This allows for the consumer to use their voice to control the faucet and allows for customizable container commands. 

Moen has the “U by Moen Smart Faucet,” which allows for the user to speak to the faucet as if it were their personal assistant. The consumer can use an array of vocal commands such as “fill the bottle with 64 ounces of water at 78 degrees,” “turn off the faucet,” and many more. 

Touchless Technology

Finally, the faucet’s ability to be used without touch is likely one of the most sought-after features. Because of this, almost every faucet brand has their own version of this technology with different variations. 

Delta, for example, offers the “Temp Sense Indicator.” Faucets with this technology have a built-in LED light that shows the temperature of the water. This light will turn blue when the water is cold and red when hot, allowing the customer to know the temperature of the water without having to test it themselves. 

Kohler offers their “Response Touchless Technology.” This feature allows for a touchless operating of the faucet, keeping the faucet clean and keeping the consumer busy without worry. This technology has a motion sensor under the faucet head that activates very quickly and features an auto-shutoff function after a certain amount of time set by the consumer.

Lastly, Moen offers their “MotionSense” technology, which senses hands, cups, and other items under the faucet to automatically start and stop the water flow. The buyer can also power the faucet on and off with a simple wave of their hand, as well as control the temperature and flow level!

In summary, kitchen faucet technology has drastically changed the way consumers interact with their sink and faucet. Aiding them with power levels, extensions, smart options, and touchless features, consumers have more choices now than ever when it comes to their kitchen faucet. Visit Facets of Lafayette today and upgrade your kitchen faucet to one with the hottest technology on the market!

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