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May 13, 2021
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May 28, 2021

There are very few things in life more relaxing than a nice, hot shower after a long, stressful day. But, there are ways to make that shower even better, and a new shower head may just do the trick! If you are up for a shower remodel, there are several models and styles of shower heads that can upgrade your shower from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY! Many various types of shower heads are available today, with a variety of spray patterns, water pressure, aesthetics, and other features. There is a shower head that is appropriate for each individual and every environment, ranging from ceiling rain showers to filtered shower heads that reduce limescale and mineral deposits. So, how does one choose? Here are a few specifications that you will want to consider:


There are several types of shower heads that you will want to consider. Luckily, the showerhead connection is standardized, so whichever type you choose, it will fit in your current connection. However, you will want to consider the layout of your shower prior to choosing one. Then, you are able to dive into the variety of shower heads that are available. With different locations and layouts

  • Wall-mounted Single-head: This simple bowl-shaped head that connects to the shower elbow directly. The simplicity and versatility of the single-head showerhead are its key advantages.
  • Hand-held: These showerheads are connected to the shower elbow by a hose. The showerhead detaches from a wall-mounted holder. Some showerheads come with both hand-held and fixed heads. This is the most mobile showerhead option.
  • Ceiling/Rain: This type of showerhead is made to spray directly on top of the person in the shower with either an L or P-type arm. This showerhead extends away from the connection, so this will require a shower with more space generally.


With regard to the spray pattern, there are several options available to you. There are even customizable options that allow you to have the luxury of several sprays in one single shower head. Finding the spray type that you prefer is the first step. A showerhead with a wide spray is the usual spray type for most shower heads. It is a spray that is even and thorough across the entire shower head with consistency. A targeted shower head gives extra spray power in certain parts of the showerhead to help you achieve your desired effect. A rinse shower head gives a soaking stream of water from the center of the showerhead. Lastly, a pulsating shower head allows for different spray patterns in the same shower head to be applied at different times, or all at once for a customized experience.


Look may not seem like an important aspect to your shower. After all, who will see it other than those who use it? But, the more you love your shower, the more you will use it. Make sure that your showerhead style matches the decor of your bathroom and home in general. Whether that includes color, finish, and/or any other physical aspect, your shower head should deliver as much in style as it does in practicality.

When looking for a showerhead, type, spray function, and look should be at the front of your mind. You want to enjoy your shower, but you also want it to be practical and useful for everyone in your household. If you have any questions about how to choose the right shower head for your home, check out Facets of Lafayette, your number 1 stop for plumbing supplies in Lafayette, Louisiana. WIth a variety of showerheads, shower accessories, and knowledgeable staff, Facets of Lafayette has everything you need to make sure that your shower is functional and efficient.

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