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Whether you are a “type-A” personality, a multi-tasking guru, or laid back and cool as a cucumber, GE’s new Café appliance line has the set of appliances that fit right in with your lifestyle. Your kitchen should cater to your specific needs, and these appliances have the customizability to do just that. From ovens, stoves, and refrigerators to microwaves and warming drawers, Facets of Lafayette carries all of the appliance styles that cater to your personality. Bring more life and functionality to your kitchen space with GE Café appliances!

For the Organized Home Cook

If every minute of every hour of your time is scheduled, and if you like to remain as organized as possible in your kitchen, GE Cafe appliances can help you remain that way. One example is their 4-Door French Door Refrigerator. This refrigerator doesn’t just keep your food cold! With its humidity control, you can organize the food in your fridge based on what temperature in which you wish to keep it chilled. Having the produce in one colder area to remain crisp, and leftovers in another, not as cold, area, you can have a better layout inside your fridge and be able to visualize everything within it at one glance. Also, with the refrigerator’s WiFi controls, you can know what should be on your shopping list by the touch of a button. You can also use the WiFi function to look up recipes for your next big meal without ever leaving your kitchen!

GE also has induction cooktops that are gourmet guided. In this way, you can organize the dishes on your stove based on their temperature and time needed to cook. If your side dish needs less time to cook than your main dish, the time can be set in which you can have everything on your stove finish at one time, eliminating extra-long stays at the stove. 

Lastly, GE offers an under-the-counter refrigerator. Having your fridge at your fingertips instead of across the room from the cooking area allows you to have everything you need in one place and organized in a manner that aids in your cooking time instead of hindering such.

For the Multi-Tasker

For the person that has 45 things happening for them in the same minute, GE Cafe appliances can help you achieve more at the same time than ever before! Starting with their Dual Fuel Professional Range with Reversible Burner Gates and Professional Oven, you can have one appliance that functions as several! With the different burner types, you can grill, boil, simmer, and so much more on one single appliance. 

With GE’s Wi-Fe connected devices like the Freestanding Double Oven Gas Range with True European Convection and the Wi-Fi Connected Dishwasher, you can track every dish you have cooking and washing from your mobile device. You can start and stop burners, dishwashing cycles, and even your oven with a few clicks, allowing you the freedom and security to do other tasks while your meal is being prepared. 

Lastly, GE has a selection of warming drawers that can keep your dishes warm while you accomplish other things. The days of cold food being reheated are over!

For the Laid-Back Chefs

If you are the kind of person that enjoys to relax and not stress over a meal, GE has your appliances! With their Freestanding Professional Dual Fuel Range with Reversible Burner Gates and Self-Clean Oven, having a meal done with little work is easy as pie! The multiple burner options allow you to get everything done at the same time, allowing you more time with loved ones and relaxing and not at the stove! Also, with the self-clean option, you no longer need to scrub the oven. You can let the oven clean itself without getting your hands dirty!

With several finishes on their appliances that resist scratches and fingerprints, you don’t have to worry about the way your fridge, oven, or other kitchen appliances look. Finishes like matte black and brushed stainless allow your appliances resist unsightly markings while adding to the elegance of your cooking space.

Last but not least, GE’s Countertop Microwave with Wi-Fi Connect and Scan-to-Cook Technology lets you set certain time limits for your most-made dishes, allowing you the freedom to set it and forget it! With a few taps of your phone, you can stop and start your microwave, having your dishes done when you want them to be done. Relaxing done right!

In summary, GE’s Cafe appliance line allows the consumer to have appliances that work not only for them but with them and their specific personality. Whether you are constantly on the go or lounging on the sofa is more of your jam, there are several appliances that match your style!

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