Colorful backsplash behind an outdoor kitchen sink.
Tiles: Atlas Concorde, New Ravenna, and American Olean
November 24, 2020
GE Appliances
Appliances to Fit your Unique Personality!
December 15, 2020
Colorful backsplash behind an outdoor kitchen sink.
Tiles: Atlas Concorde, New Ravenna, and American Olean
November 24, 2020
GE Appliances
Appliances to Fit your Unique Personality!
December 15, 2020

Watch out world! Facets of Lafayette is now offering the latest Sub Zero and Wolf appliances! Whether you need a top-of-the-line heating or cooling appliance, Facets of Lafayette has all the best options! In fact, let’s go through some of those products!

Sub Zero Cooling Appliances

For over 75 years, Sub Zero has produced and innovated the art of refrigeration with products that are built to last over 20 years of use! These refrigeration appliances are perfect for your cooking space, no matter the size! Whether you need a sleek stainless-steel fridge to match your modern décor, or a custom-built panel-ready fridge to blend into your kitchen scheme, Sub Zero has it all!

Sub Zero offers a variety of products, suited for all your cooling needs:

  • Refrigerator/Freezers (Combination Refrigerator and Freezer)
  • All Refrigerators
  • All Freezers
  • Wine Coolers
  • Icemakers
  • Wine/Refrigerators (Combination Refrigerator and Wine Cooler)
  • Wine/Refrigerator/Freezers (Combination Refrigerator and Wine Cooler and Freezer)

With widths ranging from 15 inches to 96 inches, finding a cooling appliance that fits into your space will be no problem! Another great feature of Sub Zero products is their multitude of configurations. If you need a side by side freezer-refrigerator, look no further. If you need an over and under appliance, Sub Zero has got several to choose from. If you dream of a French Door style refrigerator, those dreams can become reality with Sub Zero.

What really makes Sub Zero appliances stand out are their features! Today, we couldn’t do much of anything without Wi-Fi. Well, include your cooling devices in that list! Using the Wi-Fi technology, you can remotely run your device, setting the temperature precisely and even using the internet to fill your fridge! They also have devices with a glass door, so what’s inside can be seen without opening the doors and losing that cool air.  Of course, they also have outdoor rated appliances for those avid outdoor grillers and entertainment spaces.  Lastly, Sub Zero appliances can come equipped with several ice and water configurations. Whether internal or external, these appliances allow the consumer to have access to fresh water and ice at the push of a button!

Wolf Heating Appliances

Most family gatherings are centered around the dinner table. With Wolf appliances, those memories can last as long as your appliances! Whether you are looking for a new range, oven, microwave, or something else, Wolf’s wide assortment of kitchen appliances can bring the fire back into your kitchen!

Wolf offers a variation of appliances to cater to your heating needs, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Ranges
  • Built-In Ovens
  • Microwaves
  • Outdoor Grills

Their range options are plentiful in style, size, and featured elements. With sizes from 30 and 36 inches to 48 and 60 inches, you will have no problem finding one to fit your exact space. Along with the classic gas and induction ranges, they also have a dual fuel range, which gives you the advantage of having both a gas cooktop and an electric oven in one appliance! Lastly, their features truly make them stand out from their competitors. Their ranges have 4, 5, 6, and 8-burner options, having space for the smallest and the biggest home chefs. With infrared griddle, charbroiler, and even French top options, you can bring new-age cooking into your modern range while still having the classic range look.

Wolf offers built-in oven options that will take your baking to the next level. Whether you want a classic convection oven, or something newer like the convection steam or speed options, your oven appliance will cater to your busy lifestyle and expand the capacity of your oven usage. These ovens come in widths of 24, 30, and 36 inches. With 3 styles, contemporary, transitional, and professional, your oven will match your specific kitchen look with ease. They also come in several different finishes to match your décor. Lastly, the features of these ovens are second-to-none:

  • Traditional Touch Controls
  • Touch Screen Controls
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • Pro Handles
  • Tubular Handles
  • Handle-less
  • Knob Controls

You may think your microwave can’t get more technological but think again! Wolf provides a series of microwaves that can do more than you ever thought a simple microwave could ever do! Whether you are used to the standard microwave or the convection type, Wolf offers new configurations and styles to rejuvenate the old-style microwave. With drawer, drop-down door, or side-swing door options, your microwave can be put in the perfect space within your kitchen to remain accessible to all. Wolf offers contemporary, transitional, and professional styles to cater to all levels of home cooks. 

When it comes to outdoor grills, Wolf has got you covered as well! With several width options, your grill can be as minimal or as massive as you need it to be. Starting at 13” and as large as 54” wide, your grill can easily be the star of your backyard or a side piece in your décor.  Whether you prefer a gas grill or simply a side burner or built-in burner module, Wolf offers you the option for the larger grill or simply an add-on to your current setup.

Facets of Lafayette is ready to show their customers these new Wolf and Sub Zero appliances and all their other brand options! Call or stop by Facets of Lafayette today!