5 Popular Hanging Light Fixtures of 2020

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December 15, 2020
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Lighting styles have changed so much over the last few years. It seems that every year or so, there are new trends in lighting and new products to try! Historically, hanging light fixtures, or pendant light fixtures, have been used throughout the home to bring light and warmth to an entire area, to draw attention to one specific area, and even provide light for certain tasks, such as in the kitchen or gathering area. With so many uses, pendant lighting has expanded in 2020 to more styles than ever before. Here are a few Facets of Lafayette consumer favorites from 2020:

Stella Mira Three-Light Pendant

This adjustable height pendant light is perfect for adding industrial style to the space as well as warm light. As the name suggests, this fixture has three bulbs in the spherical structure, adding a vintage look that is very popular and sought after. The bronze color of the fixture brings an old-meets-new focal point into any room.

Industrial Hanging Pendant Light

Industrial lighting is such a huge trend with today’s consumers. With its simplicity and ruggedness, industrial hanging lights are perfect in any space. These fixtures can be bold in texture or they can be more subtle and blend in with other décor styles. Paying homage to the industrial age, these fixtures can “beef up” a room and quickly become an eye-catcher! By blending unfinished elements into a completed space, the homeowner can enjoy a lighting style that is both bold and timeless.

Lantern Pendant

With the latest trend being the farmhouse look, lantern pendant fixtures are all the rage! With a hanging light (or multiple) surrounded by a fully open, opaque, or encompassing lantern structure, the farmhouse look is pulled together in a functional way. Bringing more industrial flair to the structure, lantern pendant lighting can also be rustic and edgy, depending on the color and construction of the piece. Mimicking the characteristics of the vintage lanterns, this type of fixture brings warm light into an area, circling the space with a welcoming glow. 

Dome Pendant

Dome pendant lighting fixtures offer a practical look for spaces that could benefit from direct, task lighting. Whether the dome itself is white, clear, black, or any other color, the style speaks volumes alone. Used to bring light and draw attention to a specific area in the room, dome pendant lighting is your chance to light the space with multiple, sleek structures without overfilling the space with bulkiness.

Glass Geo Pendant

Geometric shapes and style are the new up-and-coming trend in home décor. Geo pendant lighting can bring in that unique style while also providing an atmospheric brightness to the room. The ambience in the room immediately becomes modern and appealing with a fixture that demands attention.

This type of lighting can bring boldness and modern flair to any space with a striking geometric design that elevates the allure of the area. Practically, these lighting pieces bright a wide dispersion of light, making no need for multiple, distracting pieces throughout your space.

If you choose one or more of these fixtures for your home, rest assured that the style and functionality of your lights will be second-to-none! With a variety of styles, shapes, and colors to choose from, your options for lighting your space are limitless. In 2020, with more time being spent at home than before, having stylish and practical lighting fixtures are more important than ever. These popular light fixtures of 2020 can bring in an abundance of warm light, task lighting, and/or ambiance lighting, and they can make your space an appealing place to gather again!

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