5 Ways to Create a Spa-Like Bathroom Without Breaking the Bank

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October 13, 2022
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5 Ways to Create a Spa-Like Bathroom Without Breaking the Bank

Have you ever wished that you could feel the same sense of relaxation and luxury that you get while at the spa, in your own home? Well, with a couple of minor adjustments, you absolutely can. Better yet, you can do so without it costing an arm and a leg. The following tips are a good place to start toward feeling pampered every day.

Clear out the clutter

Even if you are not consciously aware of it, a cluttered, disorganized room enhances feelings of stress and anxiety. Clearly, these are not optimal conditions in which to relax and mentally get away from it all. Throw out what you don’t need or anything that has expired, and tuck the rest away into your drawers and cabinets. You might need to get additional bathroom storage, such as another cabinet or a covered basket.

Add elements of nature

Exposure to the natural world has been shown to have a whole host of positive effects on the body and mind. These include reduced levels of stress, depression, and psychological ailments, elevated mood and cognitive functioning, and increased attention span, empathy, and cooperation with others. The good news is that the effects remain when you bring the outdoors indoors as well.

Big, leafy plants add a lovely natural aesthetic to your bathroom and have the added bonus of purifying the air and supplying you with extra oxygen. Using natural fibers such as wood and bamboo in your decorating and details can add to the nature ambiance, as do fresh flowers.

Soften up the space

Think cozy. Wherever possible, add soft textures such as rugs, comfy seats, and plush hand towels. Get a pair of soft slippers and a luxuriant robe to wear as you prepare for your bath or to lounge in afterward as you linger in the soothing spa vibe. As for your bath towels, don’t skimp out on quality.

Imagine how quickly the pampered feeling would disappear at the spa if they handed you a ratty, thin, threadbare towel after your treatment. You need thick, fluffy towels made of absorbent cotton or bamboo. If you have the space and inclination, you can even get a towel-warming rack for a reasonable price at any big box retailer.

Soothe the senses

Fragrance is a powerful tool for relaxation. Choose high-quality essential oils or candles to imbue your bathroom with an aroma that will tantalize your mind and help you forget your day-to-day cares. Some popular options for scents that soothe are lavender, ylang ylang, frankincense, bergamot, and lemongrass.

The colors you choose for the walls and décor of your bathroom are important too. Soft pastel shades are more desirable than invigorating bold colors to create a relaxing atmosphere. Blues, greens, and violets seem to have a particularly calming effect on the mind.

As for sound, you may want to choose to play calming music, nature sounds such as rain, whale songs, birds, or ocean waves. If your living space is ordinarily filled with sounds, such as children or the sounds of the city, you may want to choose silence instead as a bit of an aural retreat.

Upgrade your showerhead

Nothing soothes the body more than the sensation of water. A rain shower head, adjustable pressure or options for spray patterns are all popular ways to make a more spa-like bathroom and your shower time more restorative.

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