Top 4 U-Line Appliances for Your Home

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If you are shopping for a home, office or commercial refrigerator, or kitchen appliance, look no further than the products from U-Line.

As the name applies, U-Line offers a broad product lineup that will cater to your space. Whether you are looking to spruce up an outdoor area to conveniently grab cold drinks or be a perfect host during a dinner party by displaying a handpicked selection of your chilled wines, U-Line has the product to fit your needs.

U-Line has developed appliances for over 50 years and has been part of the Middleby family of brands since 2014.

Unlike other appliance brands, U-Line offers many different products, each designed to fit different rooms and environments in multiple sizes. Here is a gist of what their top product lines provide customers.

Beverage Centers

The beverage center is the most popular U-Line appliance due to its versatility, customization, functionality, and overall design.

As you probably assume by the name, U-line beverage centers are built to keep beverages cool. Whether that’s beer, wine, soda, juice, etc., you can set your beverage center to whatever temperature you want.

All U-Line beverage center models are built with a dedicated wine rack, along with additional shelves for storing other types of drinks.

The beverage center is unique because it is designed to fit ergonomically in any room, either by itself in an open space or under a countertop or table. Many beverage center models even come with an integrated stainless-steel finish, which means you can choose a model that blends into your room.

U-Line offers various beverage center models, each ranging in height, width (15”, 18”, 24”, & 36”), design, special features, and lock functionality. Some models even come with a variable-speed compressor, saving more energy and reducing your energy bill over other brands.

Wine Refrigerator

While the beverage center is designed to store wine properly, consider a U-Line wine refrigerator if you want something designed specifically to hold wine. Whether you are preserving a new sauvignon blanc or an aged cabernet sauvignon, the U-Line wine refrigerator is the choice for you.

The wine refrigerator is meant for dedicated wine storage, which means it is set to the temperature wine lasts the best due to its advanced temperature management systems.

U-Line is the first North American appliance producer to develop wine refrigerators; their experience shows in their current lineup of products. With stainless steel finishes, LED lighting, a full-depth lower interior, adjustable full extension shelves, and models that allow you to put on a custom door panel, what’s there not to love?


There’s nothing like a cold drink or frozen treat on a hot day, which is why having outdoor appliances is so convenient.

U-Line offers four main residential outdoor appliance lines: ice machines, refrigerators, freezers, and keg refrigerators. Each product from the U-Line outdoor appliance lines is completely finished with a silver stainless steel exterior.

U-Line Outdoor Ice Machines

To spruce up an outdoor bar with clear, nugget, or crescent ice, consider an outdoor ice machine.

U-Line outdoor ice machines can produce between 25-90 pounds of ice daily and store between 25-30 pounds of ice, much more than you’d ever need to keep your drinks cool during a barbeque. Each machine is 15” wide and contains a full-wrap door.

U-Line Outdoor Refrigerators

With an outdoor refrigerator, you can store fresh fruit or ingredients for grilling, so you don’t have to rush indoors to get the ingredients and prepare food for your next cookout. U-Line’s outdoor refrigerators come in two sizes for standard models (15” and 24”) and 24” for a model with drawers.

U-Line Convertible Freezer

Outdoor refrigerators are not designed to reach very low temperatures, which means they cannot store ice cream, popsicles, or other frozen food without melting or spoiling them. Consider U-Line outdoor convertible freezer if you don’t want to wait to dry off after getting out of the pool.

There is currently one 24” model on the market, decked out with convertible shelves, a white interior, LED lights, and a digital touchpad.

U-Line Keg Refrigerator

Last but not least, the U-Line outdoor keg refrigerator can fit a 1/4 slim barrel and 1/6 barrel or one standard 1/4 barrel. The keg refrigerator even has a single or double-tap tower kit available so you can enjoy a nice, cold beer without taking the keg out.

Ice Machines

U-Line is a pioneer in the home ice maker field, releasing the first home undercounter ice machine in 1962. Their ice machines come in 14”, 15”, or 18” and create crescent, clear, or nugget ice.

What’s unique about U-Line ice machines is that many models come with the U-Line’s U-Choose ice adjustability, allowing you to set your ice’s density like you would in a commercial restaurant.

Not to mention, their ice machines are known to be easy to clean and simple to use for home consumers. Their machines also produce much more ice than competing brands and aren’t loud.

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