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When a quick shower just won’t do the trick, bathtubs are there for you to soak, relax, and wash all your worries away. The bathtub itself has undergone many innovations since its creation in 1883 and technology has given designers great resources to provide the perfect bathing experience. When it comes to finding a bathtub, there are many factors to take into consideration, such as the type. From the simplistic and common standard tubs to the convenient walk-in tubs, there are a few different types of bathtubs that are designed specifically to provide different benefits. Our showroom floor is home to many bath types, but one of the most popular always seems to be our whirlpool bathtubs. 

What is a whirlpool bathtub?

Whirlpool tubs include extensive pumps and jets to create a whirlpool effect. The jets provide the bather a mixture of high-pressure air and water in order to massage the body. The jets are normally positioned in areas close to the bather’s major muscle groups, allowing for a relaxing massage experience every time. Most jets can also be adjusted to change the direction of the flow as well as the amount of pressure coming from the jet. 

Can a whirlpool tub be installed in any bathroom?

The short answer is yes, but there are some elements that need to be considered before the installation. The process can take 2-4 days depending on how much time you have, as well as how many people are helping with this task. Installing a new tub will require steps such as removing the old tub and tile, and if the tub is a whirlpool, then an electrician will need to be contacted for the necessary setup and wiring. It is always best to seek advice from experts when installing a bathtub, whether they’re from your local plumbing store or online.  

What are the most popular whirlpool bathtub brands?

The best whirlpool bathtub brands will range depending on the buyer and seller. Websites such as globosurfer named the ARIEL platinum Whirlpool tub as their #1 pick, while other sites such as showersly named the Woodridge brand as #1. Facets of Lafayette offers a variety of tub brands, but our current favorite is Jetta! Jetta tubs are known to offer unique features while displaying a beautiful design that compliments any bathroom. Jetta bathtubs are of the utmost quality and offer an exceptionally attractive acrylic finish that won’t dull or fade over time. Another jetted tub brand that we offer in-store is Kohler, which never ceases to amaze! 

 Whichever whirlpool tub you choose, one thing is certain: bath time will now feel like a luxurious, spa-like experience! Increasing the luxury of your private relaxation is just one showroom floor away! Let us help you find the bathtub that meets your needs.

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