Top Brands of Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

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Top Brands of Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Home appliances, specifically kitchen appliances, have become one of the most crucial elements of our home. They not only contribute to the overall flow, look and feel of your home, but most are used everyday – sometimes 24 hours a day. It’s important that these crucial home elements be efficient, long lasting and durable. Facets represents many brands and has a fantastic selection of home and kitchen appliances that will complement your personal style and design choices. Whether you are replacing your Samsung refrigerator or adding a full outdoor kitchen on to your home, Facets is the place for you. Our beautiful showroom will help you envision the way these appliances will fit within your home decor and our consultants can advise and make recommendations if you’re not quite sure. Contact us to make an appointment with our showroom consultants or simply stop by at 3201 Ambassador Caffery.

When the sun comes out, so do the grills and we’ve compiled a list of the best outdoor kitchen appliances for your summer barbecue so you don’t have to! When it comes to searching for outdoor appliances, it can seem overwhelming because the options are endless. We’ve chosen only the highest quality and most durable products to serve you and your family this year and many more years to come.

Coyote Outdoor Living

The first high-quality brand to look into is Coyote Outdoor Living: they understand the importance of delivering durable products that last a lifetime. All of their grills are built with premium grade 304 stainless steel throughout and have features such as double-walled stainless steel hoods, cast stainless steel burners and more. Their specifically designed firebox combined with their professional burner system delivers a perfect, even cooking experience every time.


Another top brand is U-Line: Their outdoor appliances are functional, stylish, and innovative. U-Line’s outdoor refrigeration products provide high performance, keeping your chilled ingredients fresh and ready for grilling! U-Line appliances are best-in-class and they continue to be a leader in their industry. Hestan Grills are built from scratch in the USA, they cut their own steel, fabricate their grades, and they make sure that every detail is perfect! Their team has created some of the most powerful and high-quality grills on the market. Their outdoor kitchen appliances collection also includes refrigeration, wine storage, pantries, and more to give you the best outdoor cooking experience available. 

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