a black wall-mounted outdoor light fixture
Your Guide to Choosing Outdoor Light Fixtures
May 19, 2022
How Do I Prepare My Plumbing for Summer?
June 23, 2022
a black wall-mounted outdoor light fixture
Your Guide to Choosing Outdoor Light Fixtures
May 19, 2022
How Do I Prepare My Plumbing for Summer?
June 23, 2022

Summer has just begun, so it is time to gather the neighborhood together and throw a party. Regardless of whether it is a small gathering amongst family and friends or a large block party, it is vital to do the prep work, both inside and outside the kitchen.

Luckily, we have taken steps to ensure that your next barbecue will be a hit. Follow through with our checklist to host an unforgettable party that guests will never forget.

Have a Grill Able to Feed Large Groups of People

A party cannot be considered a BBQ party without a grill. After all, what’s a BBQ without some hot dogs and hamburgers. Grills are probably the most versatile outdoor cooking appliance. From veggies to meats, a good grill should be able to cook it all.

However, special grills can do a lot of unnecessary legwork in the grilling process. The kamado-style Coyote Asado Ceramic Grill offers customizable and fine-tuned cooking experiences that cater to all palettes.

Plan Out Meals Ahead of Time

You don’t have to be a master chef to grill up some food. Although, once you get talking about grill temperature or steak doneness, arguments often erupt. To avoid additional unnecessary arguments, it is probably best to plan out what you are cooking and what ingredients you need ahead of time.

If you have guests with allergies or dietary restrictions, try to provide alternatives. While most traditionalists might not want to eat fake meat options, which is fair enough. Being able to cater to all guests shows that you are a considerate host.

Offer healthy eating options, fruit, sides, appetizers, dessert, and various meats, drinks, and condiments to make sure everyone is happy.

Get Extra Supplies

You can’t plan everything out, but there are certain things you should buy ahead of time to avoid later aggravation and inconvenience. If you own a gas grill, especially if you plan on having a lot of guests, it is wise to purchase an extra propane tank.

Similarly, make sure you own enough plates and utensils. Trash bags, bottle openers, and cups are other essentials. Also, do not forget to buy extra ice. Louisiana summers get hot.

Decide on Entertainment Ahead of Time

We can always have fun with our guests alone; However, live entertainment and music can add an extra dimension to a summer BBQ party.

Family musicians, local independent artists, and entertainers can keep large groups enthralled for hours. Even just setting up a portable speaker or wiring Bluetooth speakers can liven up a party’s atmosphere.

Plan out activities and games intentionally for different guests. If there is a baseball game going on, and your guests are big baseball fans, consider setting up a projector or making a TV accessible. You can also set up simple games and activities for other guests. Nothing beats horseshoes, shuffleboard, or cornhole.

Develop a Premium Outdoor Space

People of all ages enjoy a summer BBQ party and look for different things at a party. Some people like to stay up late and chat under outdoor lighting, while others like to relax at a poolside bar.

Children like to play in the backyard or the pool. Outdoor lighting ensures that all family members will be seen and accountable. While it may seem like parties always have to end, investing in a well-developed outdoor space allows people to recreate memories and create new traditions.

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Facets of Lafayette is amongst the top outdoor kitchen appliance stores in Lafayette, LA. Our store offers premium home appliance brands that will last long after your party is over.

If you are planning a summer BBQ party and are looking for outdoor lighting and kitchen appliances, visit our showroom or schedule an appointment today and our staff will be delighted to assist with finding the perfect appliances for your home.