Remodeling? These Designs are Heating Up Kitchens!

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Remodeling? These Designs are Heating Up Kitchens!

Pendant lighting is an excellent choice for kitchen lighting! Simple, yet classy.

As we get into the heat of summer, temperatures are rising, so is the desire for kitchen remodels! Your next remodel can be as easy as slapping a new coat of paint on the walls, installing a statement piece, or simply reorganizing. It has been said that “our homes require psychological as well as physical customization…there is an interdependence between a person’s environment, behavior, and physiology.” All this to say that remodeling your kitchen can provide the mood-boost you need to get you through the dog days of summer and the post-COVID blues. Check out some of these HOT kitchen design ideas that are sweeping the country!

Stylish Organization

An organized space is a calming space for most homeowners. If everything has a place, one can make the most out of their space, whether that is a small amount of space or a larger space. Certain organization styles are heating up this summer with the help of lifestyle blogs and social media.

  • Labeled Glass Jars: These cute and customizable containers are great options for storing cleaning solutions, grains and beans, and other food or non-food products!
  • Meal Prep Containers: Who didn’t grow up with a drawer of random containers and lids that never matched? Now, one can easily purchase meal prep containers that match in bulk, saving the homeowner time, money, and space!
  • Open Shelving: Don’t hide behind your shelving! Take advantage of an open plan with open and visible shelving, giving you more options for storage.
  • Vertical Pantries: Make use of your vertical space by installing an over-the-door hanging pantry or a rolling standing pantry, saving space and your sanity if a walk-in pantry is not available in your home.

Larger kitchen islands

The kitchen island, since its conception, has been the useful focal piece of many kitchens! Don’t be afraid to take your kitchen island to the next level by expanding! Consider adding an extendable cutting board to the end of your island to add functionality while not sacrificing much space, folding it down when unused. Also, a more oversized island can serve as a presentation area and a preparation and storage area. In this way, you can get three uses out of your island while not wasting any space!

Tile Everywhere

Gone are the days of tile belonging on floors only! Using decorative and sturdy tile as your kitchen backsplash and even on the walls in your kitchen can bring style and protection to your kitchen walls! Bolder patterns are making a comeback, so do not be afraid to pair a bold, statement tile with a neutral or solid color-themed kitchen!

“Moody Kitchens”

While the all-white kitchen is still very much in style, darker or “moody” kitchens are also making a statement in kitchens everywhere. With the use of darker paint palettes, darker marble countertops, and even some darker fabric elements, you can make your kitchen the talk of the block! These darker elements can evoke professionalism and elegance to your home (think tuxedo-like elegance) and even save you on cleaning time! However, be sure to have plenty of light, natural or artificial, to keep the space sophisticated and not morbid. 

Brave Color Contrasts

Summer is the perfect time to be bold and renovate your kitchen with new color schemes! Don’t be afraid to go bold with a statement piece of color or even having a focus wall that is stylish and unique! If you are hesitant about committing to a full-color overhaul, try starting by replacing fixtures, furniture, and/or smaller areas with bolder prints or colors. As you warm up to those ideas, be bold, challenge your fears, and bring out your artistic abilities to make your kitchen stand out!

This summer, take a chance on redecorating your kitchen with some of these HOT ideas! If you are looking for motivation or inspiration for your next kitchen remodel, check out Facets of Lafayette and their vast selection of modern and stylish fixtures and appliances alike! You will surely find what you need to spark that creative spirit at that local kitchen appliance store near you!

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