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September 21, 2019
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Sometimes, the only thing your outdoor space needs is a few new outdoor light fixtures! Without question, the outdoor light fixtures that you choose are meant to elevate your space and they are the key to sprucing up your outdoor zone. Whether it’s a patio or a porch, the time you spend outside is valuable and acts as a small getaway from the indoors. When it’s time to upgrade the outdoor light fixtures in your life, keep these 3 elements in mind:

Color Temperature

While the exterior color of your outdoor light fixtures definitely matters, some may believe that the color temperature of the bulbs is just as important. Primarily, you have two options to choose from: warm lights or cool lights. As a rule of thumb, if you’re looking to illuminate any outdoor landscaping, stay way from cool lights. Warmer tones can make your space feel more natural whereas cooler tones are best used for security (such as lighting your garage). Also, be sure to look into LED lighting! 


There are so many styles and options to choose from when purchasing outdoor light fixtures. If your outdoor space is small, then perhaps keep your light fixtures simple and minimal. A wall light may be a good option to look into; simply hang a wall light on each side of your door for a quick, simple boost. If your outdoor space is on the larger end, then take this as your opportunity to have fun with decorating! String some lights on your fence and hang a few lights along your wall. Hanging lights are always a good option as well, especially if you have a high ceiling! 

Durability & Quality

Outdoor light fixtures need to be durable and withstand any weather that comes their way. The weather doesn’t get too crazy in South Louisiana (besides the dreadful heat), but there are curveballs thrown our way every now and then. In addition to durability, keep in mind the quality of your purchase.

We strive to only offer outdoor light fixtures of the highest quality in order to reduce the constant replacement or repairs.  If you are searching for specific outdoor light fixtures, then be sure to check out the brands we carry. We firmly believe that upgrading your space with the proper light fixtures can make all the difference!

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