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September 26, 2019
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How to Remodel Your Kitchen
October 15, 2019

The kitchen is an essential family space within your home. Home meals are cooked, little ones learn to bake, holiday memories are created and more. Your day likely starts with coffee and ends with dinner – all made possible because of your kitchen appliances. Did you know, that this magical place we call “the kitchen”, is one of the largest energy suckers in your entire home?  

Most people don’t think of purchasing a new appliance until the current one breaks, but did you know you could save thousands of dollars a year by taking that investment and getting a newer, energy efficient appliance? Most older appliances can account for 20% of your energy bill! An energy efficient refrigerator alone could have a drastic impact on lowering your energy consumption.

A few other tips that could help save you funds with your kitchen appliances include:

-Separate your refrigerator from your stove – the heat makes your fridge work overtime.
-If you have a separate freezer, consider keeping it indoors where you can control room temperatures – warmer environments means more work which means more energy.
-Don’t run your dish washer until it’s full and consider an energy efficient dish washer.
-When cooking, consider multiple pans to reduce cook time.

Remember that not every energy saving appliance is worth the expense – sometimes the items above are enough to reduce your energy footprint. At Facets of Lafayette, we will help guide you through this process and determine if energy efficient kitchen appliances are a good fit for your home.  If you are ready to move forward, we can even help you customize your kitchen to help save the most you with a smart energy efficient kitchen layout.

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