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September 18, 2021

Plumbing Supply – Things to Consider When Choosing Your Plumbing Supplier

Are you in the midst of home or business renovations and looking for a local plumbing supplier to complete your project in the Lafayette, LA area? […]
September 16, 2021

Must Have Kitchen Appliances

The saying “a kitchen is the beating heart of a home” rings true more and more each day. This is because the kitchen is the place […]
September 16, 2021

What are Considered Plumbing Fixtures?

Plumbing fixtures are a vital part of every home and business. They connect to a plumbing system that moves hot and cold water through pipes from […]
August 31, 2021

How to Choose Cohesive Plumbing Fixtures for Your Bathroom

When you’re looking at finally making your dream of a bathroom a reality, there are so many different factors to consider. One thing that may forget […]