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January 27, 2023
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A Guide to Cabinet Hardware Placement
January 27, 2023
How to Clean a Bathtub the Right Way
February 24, 2023
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How to Choose an Outdoor Kitchen Sink for Your Home

Are you renovating your outdoor space or planning to install a new outdoor kitchen sink in your backyard? No matter what type of outdoor kitchen project you’re undertaking, having the right kind of sink is essential.

But with so many options available, how do you choose one that’s just right? With this detailed guide below, you’ll learn all about what features to look for in an outdoor kitchen sink, the different types of materials, and even the perfect faucet to go with the sink that’ll last through lots of backyard cooking adventures. Read on!

Consider the Climate

If you live in an area that has a humid climate and cold winters, you’ll need to choose a material for your outdoor kitchen sink that is resistant to rust, mildew, and the stress of expanding and contracting with temperature changes. If your outdoor kitchen sink ideas involve a roof or covered space, you have a little more leeway, but it’s best to buy with durability in mind.

The best choice for outdoor kitchen appliances, including sinks, is nearly always going to be stainless steel, as it is so resistant to scratches, rust, and extreme weather. Other excellent options, depending on the aesthetic you prefer for your outdoor kitchen appliances, include quartz, composite granite, or copper.

Quartz and stainless steel are the easiest to clean, though granite and copper have their own charming appeal. Concrete, tile, or porcelain are also common sink options. Concrete can crack with extreme weather, however, and tile and porcelain are not ideal for heavy-duty use since they could chip or crack as well.

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Style and Function

When considering outdoor kitchen sink ideas, it is important to visualize how you intend to use the sink. A small, elegant standalone for simple hand washing? A large, deep basin for cleaning the outdoor areas? A bar sink for enjoying evening cocktails?

A kitchen sink capable of handling meal prep and dishwashing to be used in conjunction with other outdoor kitchen appliances? Knowing the purpose of the sink you have in mind will guide your choice to select the ideal outdoor kitchen sink for your needs.

Though sinks come in all manner of sizes and shapes, there are basically two styles: single bowl and double bowl. Just as it sounds, a single bowl sink is one big basin with no separator in between. Double bowl sinks have a divider between the bowls, either separating two equal-sized basins or one larger and one smaller basin.

Single bowl sinks are more space-efficient, and a larger single bowl can be used to wash larger dishes such as pots and pans if the outdoor kitchen sink is to be used for preparing meals. Single bowls tend to cost less as well.

Double bowl sinks are much more useful for multi-use outdoor kitchens that you expect will be busy while entertaining guests or enjoying drinks or meals in your outdoor space. They’re the best choice for washing dishes by hand or for keeping bar glasses clean and sterilized.

Once you’ve decided upon a single or double bowl, deep or shallow, and material, the rest is a matter of personal taste. Round or square, what color or finish, height, and so on can all be selected in order to flow with the ambiance you are trying to create in your outdoor kitchen, from elegant and artistic to industrial and sturdy.

Choose the Correct Faucet

The faucet you choose for your outdoor kitchen sink should not only complement the sink and other outdoor kitchen appliances, but it should match the functionality as well. Fixed faucets are fine for single-bowl sinks or hand washing, but you’ll likely want a swivel faucet or an attached sprayer for double-bowl or dish-washing sinks.

If you go with a tile, quartz, or stone sink, there is much more room for adding custom style than if you go for a stainless steel sink, in which case you’re best off choosing a stainless steel faucet.

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Upgrade Your Outdoor Kitchen Space with Facets of Lafayette

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